The ‘Bairagis’ Of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh – ‘Pracharaks’! What Is It Like To Be A Pracharak, How much do you know about some of the famous Pracharaks?

Chapter 9: In Character, In Manner, In Style, In all things, the supreme excellence is Simplicity

“Manohar ji often prepared khichdi for me and we both used to share a room and meals together”.

The Manohar ji, a RSS pracharak here is Shri Manohar Khattar the Chief Minister of Haryana and the person who narrated their together as Pracharak, is none other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

What better example to know, what is it to be a Pracharak of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

There are many such stories of friendship that got cemented over the decades.

Now one of the influencial leaders in the world, PM Modi came in contact of RSS at the tender age of eight when he would attend the local Shakha of the RSS after a day’s work at the family tea stall.

The reason for attending such meetings was far from political. It was here that he met one of the strongest influences on his life, Laxmanrao Inamdar also known as ‘Vakil Saheb.’

He was a ‘pranth pracharak’ and a simple man like all RSS Pracharak. When Narendra Modi became a regular member of the RSS, his dedication and organisation skills impressed Vakil Saheb and others. In 1972 Modiji himself became a Pracharak, giving his full time to the RSS.

The daily expenses of the Pracharak is borne by the ‘Sangh’. But most of it will be spent as the travelling expenses and Pracharaks usually take accommodation in any of the Sangh Karyakartha’s home. They eat what they have been offered. They are always on move. If they are invited for food, they will accept, sometimes they travel in empty stomach till they reach their destination.

Pracharaks follow a rigorous daily routine. Their day began at 5:00 am and goes on till late night. In the midst of such a hectic routine Narendra Modi completed a degree in political science. He always valued education and learning. Education is what the leaders of Sangh place importance on. Many complete their degree or higher studies during their days as RSS pracharaks.

The life of a “Poornakalik karykarta” or Pracharak as they are more commonly referred, closely resembles that of old age sages. That is why it is common tradition Ong people to call even the Pracharaks as ‘Bairagis’.

The pracharaks are an epitome of total self dedication, with just one goal in mind, i.e to make bharat vishwa guru once again, to bring back the glory of the past by letting the common people know of their true history which has been distorted, first by the foreign rulers and later by the left/ congress leaders.

The normal routine of a pracharak be like,

  1. Jagran( Wake up ) at 4–4.30 am in the morning and get ready in the next one hour to attend the morning shakha. Now for pracharak living in big cities shakha are usually 2–5km near the karylay(office) but for pracharak serving the motherland in remote area like north east, jungles of kerala, chattisgarh or in hilly terrains of himachal, uttarakhand, they typically have to walk several miles to attend shakha.
  2. After Shakha the breakfast is done at one of the swayamsewak’s house which is a privilege for that swayamsewak but if that is not possible they move on with their work without food. Even though some amount is provided by RSS for their basic need but that is mostly spent on travelling expenses.
  3. The entire afternoon is spent attending meeting, studying, strategizing about the work. The meeting and strategy part is for elder pracharaks while the younger one study in the afternoon to pursue excellence in education. Like PM Modi, who completed his study while working as pracharak.
  4. The evening is session is again for shakha, but in different location so that work of the sangh is spread in every corner.
  5. In the evening session after shakha, again meetings and strategy are laid out for Sangh’s work. Pracharak living in the remote areas of the country travel to next village, taluka every evening travelling extensively. The dinner is being provided at any of the swayamsevaks house.
  6. Again back to work from 4–4.30 in the morning.

To summarise,

The main work of RSS pracharak is to build people of character, confidence, who take pride in being hindu and are ready to work for their country, and for this work only the pracharaks sacrifice every comfort of their life.

Many youth now want to become RSS Pracharaks. There is a false impression that being RSS Pracharak is sort if launch pad into the politics. This is completely false.

Being a Pracharak demands great deal of self discipline and full devotion to the organisation. Most importantly it demands a volunteer to be ready to serve the nation and society without having any consideration of their personal benefits.

Pracharaks does not get any Salary. They are given a modest accommodation that’s all. Yet these are the people who are most active on the ground and they are the first to respond for rescue and relief.

They leave their homes, families, jobs. They exhibit highest level of devotion towards the country.

Many a times, these Pracharaks can be seen with a hand bag in which they carry a pair of clothes and some books. That’s all they have and for a Pracharak that’s all they wish to possess.

It is easy to target an Organisation, but those who have come in contact with the simple and humble life that Swayamsevaks lead one will understand they really are inspiration to many.

And those who think being Pracharak will yield benefits must know, when Prime minister Modi, Chief Minister Manohar Khattar, National General Secretary of BJP Ram Madhav we’re Pracharaks they have washed utensils at Karyalays, they have cooked food for Swayamsevaks. And in RSS, only service towards Bharatamata gets considered and  the hard work gets rewarded.

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Swayamsevaks! The Building Blocks Of Sangh, The Champions Of Unity, Discipline And Ethics!

Dr Sindhu Prashanth


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