The Best Is Yet To Come! Here is why we should be proud of Chandrayaan-2

=Hold your heads high dear scientists for you have made us proud.

‘Vikram’ stopped communicating with command centre, but Vikram has taken entire India as near as 2.1kms from Moon.

ISRO chief K. Sivan broke down while making the announcement and we could see PM Modi boosting the morales of all the scientist and consoling K. Sivan.

The Indian space agency had planned to set a rover between two craters on Moon’s South Pole, which has not been accessed by any country till date. One of the most major reasons behind it was the fact that, the craters on this part have remained “untouched by sunlight for billions of years”.

Since its launch on July 22, Chandrayaan-2 had spent the last several weeks inching its way to the moon, ultimately it  entered the lunar orbit on August 20. On September 2, ‘Vikram’ separated from the mission’s orbiter, and the newly freed lander began a series of braking maneuvers to lower its orbit and ready itself for landing.

As Vikram made its descent on the moon’s surface from an altitude of 35 kms scientists at the command centre in Bengaluru had to wait and watch the soft landing. The Vikram lander was programmed for an autonomous landing. This autonomous landing is a sequence that Isro chairman K Sivan had called as “15 minutes of terror”.

During its 15-minute powered descent, Vikram would have to autonomously scan for obstacles and then take steps to avoid them. There was risk of toppling over on a site with more than a 12-degree slope.

It was a risky landing indeed.

India’s Chandrayaan 2’s lander Vikram began final descent towards the moon and lost contact with ground control around 2.1 km above the Moon’s surface. The snag occurred minutes after the module began the fine braking phase of its descent to the unexplored lunar South Pole. However, ISRO has said that it is not sure whether the lander crash landed or not. The space agency added that it is analysing the data available with it to ascertain the reason behind the snag and the findings will be made public on a later date.

The ISRO scientists were visibally broken by this. PM Modi rose to the occasion and immediately boosted the detested scientist’s morale that up and downs are rules if life and we are and ever will be proud of every scientist involved in the mission.

When PM Modi addressed nation and ISRO scientists today morning, and said,

“The learnings from today will make us stronger and better; there will be a new dawn”.

Yes The best is yet to come in our space programme, and we Indians will always be in support with our scientists. Their efforts have uplifted life’s of so many people. The whole country stands in solidarity with our scientist whose determination to touch moon will now become stronger than ever for what we know they are not the one who accept defeat and give up.

What to expect next?

It was a daunting, demanding mission, the region ISRO tried touch has not even been touched by the sunlight since millions of years.

Every calculations, every command has to be preloaded before launch so that Vikram acts autonomous.

Whatever the lander experienced, ISRO is analysing data and they will surely over come it.

PM Modi made it very clear in his address, that there is no such thing as failure in science. we came very close but we need to cover more ground, said PM Modi.

So one thing is certain the Modi government will extend all its support To our scientists.

When Israel had tried to land a rover in the lunar south pole, the problem with the thrusters and braking was a very huge issue. But ISRO has overcome it to a great extent.

Now officially India is the first country to go so near to the south pole.

As PM Modi said, the whole nation is with ISRO . They are are exceptional professionals and dedicated scientists, who have made an incredible contribution to national progress.

Once again thank you ISRO for taking us so near to moon.

Dr Sindhu Prashanth