The Bollywood Khan who chose Quran over Indian Constitution, is now abusing and threatening an innocent Hindu woman! Whom do you think the Bollywood support now?

You must be remembering the name “Ajaz khan”. One cannot forget this name who chose the Quran over the Indian Constitution. The name which is against our Indian Government and against our nation above all.
This man is once again on the verge of getting into deep trouble after he tried to act smart on Social media, when he tried to abuse and threaten a woman on Twitter.

Why did the potential rapist delete this tweet where he’s falsely calling me his ex who hates him as he couldn’t fulfil her desires? This history-sheeter also shamed those women who complained against his blackmail to extract sexual favours. Nice upbringing!

Sonam Mahajan if you really want the Mumbai Police to take action against Ajaz Khan, then u need to upload a crying video of yourself over social media and then they may help you. Even the Police department expects a little of drama and tears to believe you are actually a victim of the crime.

What is the Mumbai Police waiting for? A legal complaint? If the same incident had taken place in Uttar Pradesh, the UP police would have confessed everything out his mouth now. Sonam Mahajan must register an FIR against this abuser. Why are Mumbai Police and the other so-called liberals silent on this issue? It’s an attack on a woman and still, there is no outrage in the main stream media.

2013: Complaint against him over Modi remark. 2014: Thrown out of Stadium.
2016: FIR against him for sending lewd messages to Model.
2016: Arrested for sending obscene photos to Hairstylist.
2016: Attend wedding reception of Dawood Ibrahim’s nephew

The Bigg Boss star was arrested for sending obscene pictures to hairstylist

Former Bigg Boss contestant Ajaz Khan was previously arrested for sending obscene photos and lewd messages to a hairstylist. The actor was released on a bail of Rs 10,000 by a Mumbai court.

According to Asian Age newspaper, the 36-year-old woman had approached the actor for investing in her business and was asked by the actor to meet him at Filmistan Studios to discuss the details of her project, a couple of days ago.

After the discussion, the woman sensed the actor wasn’t too keen to invest in her project. But she decided to follow up anyway. She dropped a WhatsApp message to him, praising his profile picture and checking his interest in investing. The newspaper report further said that Ajaz started sending pics of his private parts to her on WhatsApp and when she objected to it, he started abusing her.

The hairstylist filed FIR against Ajaz on November 15 in Malvani police station, and the actor was taken into custody. Earlier the year, Ajaz was accused by model Aishwarya Choubey for sending lewd messages to her.

Bigg Boss’s Ajaz was in trouble for calling Modi a ‘chor’

This man was had courted controversy leading to PM Modi as well. A police complaint had been filed against Ajaz Khan for reportedly calling BJP’s prime ministerial Narendra Modi a chor (thief).

Trouble arose after a video which was posted on YouTube went viral on other social networking sites showing the contestant making the remark. In Mumbai, angry cadres of Mumbai’s BJP youth wing then approached the Samata Nagar police in Kandivli and lodged a police complaint against Colors channel and Ajaz Khan.

BJP’s city unit chief Ganesh Pande said they had filed a defamation complaint against Ajaz. “How can you use such thuggish language? He (Modi) was the former CM and the present PM of India. How can you abuse him like that without any proof?” Pande said. He added that they suspected it was a ‘cheap stunt’ to raise the TRP’s of the channel.

The Ex-Bigg Boss contestant was also in news when he lashed out at PM Narendra Modi and UP CM Yogi Adityanath for the issue of ‘gau raksha’ (cow protection). He went live on his Facebook and challenged the leaders for shutting popular motorbike company ‘Harley Davidson’ for selling cow products.

Ajaz challenged PM Modi and Yogi for supporting cow protection and still letting ‘Harley’ sell cow products. He also showed off his belt of the same brand and told that it was made of cow leather saying it was easy to buy products made of cow leather here. The video had gone viral with 1.3 million views.

“Gau Rakshaks are causing harm and killing people in the country. So many people have been killed and anyone is saying anything. I just bought a leather belt from Harley Davidson yesterday. This is a cow leather belt. It’s being sold in the entire world. You want to create a divide amongst citizens of the country. You want to create riots amongst Hindu and Muslims. I request as Gau Rakshaks, UP CM Yogi Adityanath and PM Modi to shut down Harley Davidson… I have also observed the poor state of stray cows on the road. Please save them first. I will not shy away from speaking the truth. Don’t divide Hindus and Muslims in the country,” Ajaz Khan said through his video.

Source: Dailymail

This Bollywood actor and a Modi-hater said, he will chose Quran over Indian constitution! But gets ripped apart by the Indians