The British were shocked to see the Maharaja of Rajasthan use Rolls Royce as “Garbage bins”

Maharaja Jai Singh of Alwar, Rajasthan was on a visit to England. The Indian king was ordinarily clad when he went to a Rolls Royce showroom situated at Bond street. The salesman at the showroom was not aware of the fact, that he was catering to a Rajasthani Royal. Judging the Maharaja by his appearance, the salesman insulted Jai Singh in the most humiliating manner and even threw him out of the showroom.

The Maharaja returned to his hotel room, called the Rolls Royce showroom and made a purchase over the phone. Dressed in his royal attire and accompanied by his full procession, the Maharaja made a grand entry to the showroom. The treatment was different. A red carpet was rolled out in the honor of the Maharaja. The entire staff in the showroom were now respecting, obeying and treating the king like he was supposed to be.

Once the Maharaja returned to Alwar, Rajasthan he ordered his officials to use all the six cars to carry garbage in the whole of Alwar.

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People were speaking about the Maharaja’s  trip to England & the company was left highly embarrassed, as it’s reputation was at stake. Whenever someone said that they were a proud owner of a Rolls Royce, others would retort by asking if it was “the same Rolls Royce which is used to carry garbage in India?”

Rolls Royce lost its value. The company wrote many letters and telegrams to Maharaja Jai Singh, apologizing to him over and over again, even offering him six more Rolls Royce for free so that the Maharaja would stop using their cars for Garbage collection. The Maharaja completely ignored their request and continued with the ‘tradition’. He stopped only when he was convinced that the Rolls Royce company had learned their lesson for disrespecting an Indian king in Britain.

The Maharaja of Patiala -Bhupinder Singh, King of Gujarat Bhagvat Singh and Nizam of Hyderabad also converted their Rolls Royce into garbage bins in protest.

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