The Congress government in 2011 helped Dawood’s aide Farooq Takla get his passport renewed!

Supporting terrorists is one of the trade marks of the Congress party. So, this news should not surprised anyone. Yesterday, the CBI arrested the most wanted terrorist and Dawood’s aide Farooq Takla who was absconding since 1995 after the Bombay blast in 1993. He was mainly responsible for planting bombs which resulted in the death of 257 innocents and injured over 715 people. The Dubai government deported him back to India after National Security Advisor Ajit Doval held talks with the Dubai intelligence.

After Farooq Takla fled from India, a red corner notice was issued by the Indian government. He was said to be hiding in Pakistan for many years after which he moved to Dubai. There were various attempts made by the Indian Intelligence before to capture the terrorist but were unsuccessful in doing so due to many sabotages caused by our own people.

Farooq Takla who was in Dubai in the year 2011, had applied for renewal of Indian passport. Shockingly, the Indian government under the Congress rule had given an extension for him despite there was a red corner notice against him. The bigger shock is, generally it used to take atleast one month to get your passport renewed before the online system was introduced, but surprisingly Farooq Takla got his passport renewal in just one day.  At that time, P Chidambaram was the Union Home Minister and SM Krishna was serving as the Minister of External Affairs.

When questions were raised on Congress about the issue, they conveniently dodged the question saying they do not have any knowledge about Farooq Takla’s passport and said all passport do not go to External Affairs Ministry or Home Ministry for renewals.

But the real concern here is, usually the passport office will have the names and passport numbers of criminals, terrorists and wanted people in the check list which would alert them when the number is detected in the computer. So, the Passport office doesn’t issue passport to those people who have a criminal record or come under the most wanted list unless the higher authority orders them to clear it. The other question is, how did the passport office renew his passport in a day without investigating his background?!

This doesn’t look like a careless act by the passport office as claimed by the Congress, but it was deliberately cleared on orders of some powerful people in the government. If we well remember it was the Home Ministry under P Chidambaram who had even changed the affidavit of terrorist Ishrat Jahan claiming she was innocent. But later the entire country came to know she was a LeT suicide bomber. There has been a long history where Congress has always supported many terrorists like Shorabuddin, Batla House terrorists, Burhan Wani and even encouraged people chanting anti India slogans in the heart of the capital of India just a year back.

So, one should not be surprised if Home Ministry or External Affairs Ministry took personal interest to help Farooq Takla renew his passport.

Aishwarya S


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