The Congress Youth Icon is trending again!!! Its the Cartoon sensation Chhota Bheem Vs Rahul Gandhi this time, and its going to be a tough war

Congress President Rahul Gandhi or an even more familiar name Raga is wasting the Nations time or rather entertaining them been a stand-up comedian. It’s disheartening to see that after such a big opportunity and veterans around he has failed to provide leadership to Congress Party & to India as a Good Leader of Opposition. Responsible for making a fool of both himself and his party, he has been a mere joke to the youth of the nation and not a role model.

Here’s the Youth Icon of Congress trending himself on twitter yet again, of course for an interesting reason this time.

Rahul Gandhi doesn’t know that if you install any App on your cell phone it will ask permissions to access different features of your phone. Rahul Gandhi is a person who neither has knowledge nor will to learn. Union Minister Smriti Irani has hit back at Rahul Gandhi questioning him as to why Congress “sends data to Singapore which can be accessed by any Tom, Dick, and Analytica”.

Rahul Gandhi ji even ‘Chhota Bheem’ knows that commonly asked permission on Apps don’t tantamount to snooping.

Interestingly, her tweet comes after the Congress deleted its official app following a war of words between the Bharatiya Janata Party and Congress after Gandhi’s allegations that PM Modi’s NaMo app is leaking subscribers’ data.

“Ye kya Rahul Gandhi ji it seems your team is doing the opposite of what you asked for. Instead of Delete NaMo App, they have deleted the Congress App itself,” Smriti Irani tweeted. In a series of tweets, Irani said- “Rahul Gandhi ji, even ‘Chhota Bheem’ knows that commonly asked permission on Apps doesn’t tantamount to snooping.”

Sharing a screenshot of the technical details behind the Indian National Congress (INC) website, she alleged that the Congress is sending data to Singapore. “Now that we’re talking tech, would you care to answer Rahul Gandhi ji why Congress sends data to Singapore Servers which can be accessed by any Tom, Dick, and Analytica?” she said.

Wrong To Compare Rahul Gandhi With Chhota Bheem. Given The 15 Years Of Paid Media TRP To Improve His Image & Current Social Media Strategy To Boost His Intellect, Even Chhota Bheem Would’ve Learnt Something & Grown Enough To Compete Against Modi In 2019.

Earlier, the news had been confirmed that Congress had engaged with Cambridge Analytica, a data firm, to run Rahul Gandhi’s election campaign. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who was under fire for alleged data leak from Facebook had admitted to having made “mistakes” regarding data security on the social media platform.
Earlier, the Congress Party president Rahul Gandhi equated the former to the “Big Boss who likes to spy on Indians.”

The Congress president had urged people to delete the Narendra Modi app. But surprisingly, more and more people started downloading the Namo Aap and hit back at Rahul Gandhi for his false allegations at the PM. No doubt our PM has gained the immense amount of love and support through his good deeds, to have the Congress burn their tummies.

Rahul Gandhi should RELAUNCH the Congress App with NEW NAME – “RaGa CHOTA BHEEM App” having all his Famous Funny Quotes & Videos. For sure it will be Hugely Popular & Most downloaded

Source: Republic World