The conspiracy done by the Congress and HD Devegowda 22 years back is all set to haunt them now in Karnataka! Karma is B**ch

It is well said that “What goes around comes around”. Karma has its own way of paying back.  The same situation is being faced by the Congress party and JDS  chief H D. Deve Gowda in the present scenario of Karnataka Elections.

It dates back to 1996, the state was Gujarat, Vaju Bhai Vala was the state BJP unit head and H.D. Devegowda was the Prime Minister of the Country. At that time BJP government led by Suresh Mehta had to prove vote of confidence on the floor of the house. Inspite of having the majority and proving vote of Confidence on the floor of the house, the then Governor of the state Krishnapal Singh declared a Constitutional Crisis in Gujarat.

The masterminds behind this was Shanker Singh Vaghela along with Deepak Parikh, both of whom were backed by the Congress party for splitting and bringing the BJP Government down in the state. Both the leaders along with the Congress resorted to violence inside the state assembly where a no-confidence motion was to be voted and which in all probability was certain to be defeated. Speaker suspended entire opposition for a day. Then Motion was tabled and Government proved its numbers.

At that time Governor favoured Congress party and declared constitutional crisis stating that the law and order machinery had collapsed, the Governor sent the report to PM’s H.D Deve Gowda table and within 15 minutes Prime Minister H.D Deve Gowda agreed to it and state government of Gujarat was dismissed and declared Presidential rule in Gujarat. This happened immediately after having proved the majority on the floor. Shanker Singh Vaghela later became CM of the state and remained for a year after that he was succeeded by Dilip Parikh who hold the post for a period of 2.5 months.

After that Congress pulled out support from both. Fresh Elections were held. Shanker Singh Vaghela’s strength reduced from 47 to 4, Congress was kicked out and Keshubhai was voted back as the CM.

After the gap of 22 years, the clock has turned again, both the characters are same, on one side there is Vajubhai Vala and on the other side H.D Devegowda’s party. The only difference is at that time the party was of Vajubhai Vala and power lies in the hands of PM H.D Deve Gowda and today the party is of H.D Deve Gowda and power lies in the hand of Vajubhai Vala as a Governor of Karnataka.

So that’s why it is said that today you might be powerful but time is more powerful than you. Circumstances can change at any time. So you must be careful when you act.

Congress and other leaders who hitched a conspiracy against BJP at that time to bring down their Government are now struggling today in Karnataka to form their Government.