The Crocodile Tribute!!! Why today was a worst day for Congress on social media? Why everyone are calling Congress party a hypocrite?

The social media of Congress is giving a tough competition to the several comedy shows in India. Every morning when I woke up at night, (signature dialogue of Rahul Gandhi) I log on to twitter just to read and enjoy the memes from the official account of Indian National Congress and Rahul Gandhi.

But the meme created today by the Indian National Congress was the mother of all memes. Yes, today it had put out a post to the legendary singer and actor Kishore Kumar as it was his birthday.

“We pay tribute to Kishore Da, the voice of almost every Bollywood hero for over two decades, on his death anniversary”. This was the tribute given today by the Congress on Twitter.

But this move backfired as usually; do you know why? You are wrong if you think that there is a factual error as the Congress has improved its previous mistakes. The biggest blunder is while Kishore Kumar was alive, he was insulted to the core by the Congress party.

What was the insult done to the legendary singer?

The Congress party had a peculiar desire that the entire nation should dance on their instructions. When Indira Gandhi imposed emergency for a period of 21 months, several celebrities were forced to support Congress in whichever way possible.

There was absolute curtailment of press freedom and this was the period when Congress insulted Mr Kishore Kumar. During emergency, the songs of Kishore Kumar were banned from May 4, 1976 till the end of the Emergency. Do know the reason for this? The only mistake (brave decision) of Kishore Kumar was that he had denied singing at a Congress rally in Mumbai.

Few of the angry twitteratis even conducted a poll to expose the hypocrisy of Congress. Creating poll was a new tactic used by Congress party to mislead the public. But the same tactic backfired on them.

Hansika Raj