The Diary of Nehru, Part-1; My Husband will be out tonight – come after 10:00 o’clock: Edwina

The freedom struggle by Indians is a historic event which will never fade away from our minds and heart. The soil was flooded with the blood of the freedom fighters but the zeal and enthusiasm of the fighters never reduced. We may not remember each and every freedom fighter’s name but if we believe that the freedom, which we are enjoying now is the gift of them, than it is the greatest gift given to these brave souls by us.

But, one thing which strikes my mind again and again is that, how can a person be too friendly with British and at another end claim that he is fighting for the nation’s freedom struggle. Yes, I am talking of Jawaharlal Nehru.

The last British Viceroy and the first Governor-General of independent India was Lord Louis “Dickie” Mountbatten. Lord Louis and his wife Edwina were very close to Nehru and several members of the Indian cabinet. Those times, exchanging letters was very popular and several letters were exchange between Nehru and Edwina Mountbatten. Interestingly these letters were available with the government but were never made public. So this has led to several speculations. What was there in those letters that the government hesitated to make it public?

After the death of Lord Louis and Edwina, there is only one source to unravel the truth. That is only if the letters are made public. But one can even come to a conclusion by analysing various statements given by various persons including Edwina. Let us analyse some of them

  • “I strongly believe that they were essentially two lonely people. His wife was dead, his sister was posted abroad, his daughter was either looking after her husband or was away with the women’s movement. I think he was very alone and my mother was a very introvert character herself. Suddenly, they found they were two, who would communicate with each other.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      “Someone actually described it to me as a brief encounter. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the film Brief Encounter? In the film, two people are wildly attracted to each other who know it is going to be impossible. After we left India they saw each other once a year — twice a year perhaps — but the relationship remained as intense.”                                                                                                                                                   Pamela said that both loved each other but didn’t have any sexual relationship. This was said by her in an interview. Pamela Mountbatten was Lord Louis and Edwina Mountbatten’s youngest daughter.
  • It should be noted that after Independence the mother (Edwina) and daughter(Pamela) frequently visited India. When Nehru visited UK, he was treated royally in Mountbatten’s family estate.
  • Lord Mountbatten was aware of his wife’s relationship with Nehru but he didn’t interfere. This was mentioned in the book “Daughter of Empire: Life as a Mountbatten” written by Lady Pamela Hicks
  • “A spicy menage a trois: The shocking love triangle Lord Mountbatten wife founder modern India” posted in dailymail.co.uk mentions certain shocking facts                      (i)  Edwina stored all the letters written by Nehru beside her bed                                (ii) This exchange of letter was known to Lord Mountbatten as Edwina didn’t even try to       keep it secret.
  • The then foreign Minister of Pakistan, SS Pirzada said that Jinnah had certain letters which were exchanged between Nehru and Edwina. Few excerpts from the letters are below

Dickie will be out tonight – come after 10:00 o’clock,” said one of Edwina’s.

“You forgot your handkerchief and before Dickie could spot it I covered it up.”

“I have fond memories of Simla – riding and your touch.”

  • Once, Jawaharlal Lal Nehru and Edwina had stayed together in Nainital in the Himalyan Foothills. Governor’s son was sent to call them for dinner. But when he opened Nehru’s room, he was shocked to see what was happening inside. Yes, he saw Nehru and Edwina in an embrace.
  • Do you know a film was planned to shoot on the relationship between Nehru and Edwina? Yes, the name of the film is “Indian Summer” starring Cate Blanchett and Hugh Grant. Indian government agreed for the film only if the physical intimacy scenes were removed. However the film plan was cancelled in 2009.


  • Alex von Tunzelmann, author of “Indian Summer: The Secret History of the End of an Empire” authored by Alex von Tunzelmann is based on the relationship between Nehru and Edwina.

  • There plans to publish the letters exchanged between Nehru and Edwina. But it was opposed and cancelled by Sonia Gandhi. Yes, this was revealed by Nayantara Sahgal, daughter of Nehru’s sister Vijayalaxmi Pandit. She also said that Sonia was afraid as the political opposition might try to gain advantage out of it.
  • This point is disastrous, because Nehru often sought Edwina’s help on taking decisions on governance and strategy. We know how many blunders were created by Nehru. This was said by British author Janet Morgan who was given access to the correspondence by the Mountbatten family. Morgan had even got access to a set of letters which were exchanged between Nehru and Edwina. But one thing that should be noted is that if Nehru and Edwina didn’t have any relationship, than why those letters did have roses in between.

What Indians should rethink?

So if we go by this information, we can come to a conclusion that Mr Nehru had relationship with Edwin, the wife of last viceroy. Are we doing any good by celebrating November 14th as children’s day? What message are we giving to the generations to come? After all why are we celebrating Children’s day on Nehru’s birth date? Instead, we can celebrate it on former President APJ Abdul Kalam’s birthday.

What we request our readers?

This is the truth and it should be exposed and accepted. But when Postcard.news had previously made such efforts, several websites and individuals tried to tag us as a fake website. So in India, exposing the truth is considered as fake news?

Below we have mentioned several links regarding Nehru and Edwina’s relationship. The readers are advised to go through those websites if you feel that we are misleading you.

At last, we request you to comment you opinions below

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