15 Unknown and unheard facts about the British Raj, The period that destroyed India

India was one of the richest countries when the British East India Company entered India. By the time, India was free in 1947; it had lost most of the wealth. The British had looted & plundered our resources and had left us with almost nothing. Many of our freedom fighters sacrificed their lives in order to attain freedom. Most of us are familiar with the pain inflicted by the British. However, here are a few unknown & shocking facts about the British Raj in India, you probably didn’t know.

  1. India’s share of the World Income was at 28% in 1700. Europe’s GDP stood at 23%, 5% less than India. Our income decreased to 3% of the World’s GDP by the time the British had left the country.

2. India was the biggest purchaser of British exports, by the end of the 19th century. India was also a source of highly paid employment to British civil employees.

3. Indians were forced to import British products during the Industrial revolution. The Indian Industry which was known for its cloth production was de-industrialised in order to develop the Industrial revolution.

4. It is estimated that around 15-29 million people died tragic deaths due to starvation during the British Raj.

5. Four million Bengalis died in the Great Bengal famine of 1943 after Winston Churchill deliberately ordered the diversion of food from Indian civilians to British soldiers.

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