15 Unknown and unheard facts about the British Raj, The period that destroyed India

11. The cost of the British Army was paid for from the revenues of India. It amounted to a whopping £19,000,000 a year.

12. Excluding the gems & jewels, trillions of dollars were looted by the British. (1 Trillion= 1000 billion)

13. The British Raj promoted English as the main language. They ignored the local languages, even when they had a choice to learn and continue to administer in our languages. Today, some of our local languages are on the verge of becoming extinct, mainly because of the British raj.

14. Winston Churchill had infamously said ‘Why hasn’t Gandhi died yet?’ after the Bengal famine in 1943.

15. The Koh-I-Noor diamond which originally belonged to India was taken away by the British in 1849 & it has not been returned till date.

Alok Shetty

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