The designation of Masood Azhar as ‘Global Terrorist’ at UNSC! What finally made China bend over in front of India?

In a big diplomatic victory for India, Masood Azhar is designated as a global terrorist’ at UNSC 1267 Sanctions Committee list.China which was blocking India’s move to list Masood Azhar as Global terrorist finally buckled down in front of India. But do you know what it is that has finally made China bend over in front of India?

Yes Ofcourse it is Modi Government and its continuous efforts against its fight for terrorism. Even after China blocked India’s bid so many time India never succumbed to any pressure. India was standing firmly on its stance. Infact it made China bend to its knees. All the other nations stood with India and made China very clear that it can’t be successful in its efforts of saving terrorists

The French government imposed sanctions on Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) chief Masood Azhar and freezed his assets the very next day China at UNSC opposed the other member nations Russia, UK, US and France and supported the terrorist Masood Azhar once again using its veto power for not to designate him as a global terrorist. France signalled China they won’t let this happen

Those who are crediting 2009 UPA Government for this must know that in 2009 UPA Government was a ‘lone proposer’ whereas in 2016 India’s proposal against Jaish-e Mohammed chief Masood Azhar was co-sponsored by the United States, France, and United Kingdom. In 2017 again the proposal was moved by the United States, France, and United Kingdom.And now in 2019 following the ghastly Pulwama terror attack, the proposal was moved by the United States, France, and United Kingdom, moreover was supported by all UNSC members, excluding China and was co-sponsored non-members of the UNSC like- Australia, Bangladesh, Italy, and Japan.

Not only India got support but the member countries of the UN also warned to China that if it continues like this then the members will follow an alternative route but will not let this happen anymore. China very well knew if this alternative route will be followed China will be exposed in front of world. So there was no other option left for China instead of buckling down

Apart from this, the recent visit of Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale’s to Beijing last week, where India shared details of all the evidence on Masood Azhar, including links to the February 14 Pulwama attack for which the JeM had claimed responsibility. During his visit, Gokhale met Chinese officials including Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi. This meeting with Chinese officials along providing them the required evidences has also made China to take a turnaround

Yes the reason for this diplomatic victory is PM Modi and his Governance. Although this won’t be digestible to Modi-haters but this is the reality which can never be ignored. All those who hurled abuses and defamed PM Modi Government when China blocked its move at UN last time should now praise PM Modi Government and believe that he is the one who will never put the nation’s interest at stake.

The Congress Party President Rahul Gandhi should apologize to PM for making fun of him by posting fake video of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping representing PM Modi in bad light as the one seeking favours from China where he is continually being slammed by the Chinese Prime Minister for his demands and saying PM Modi is fearful of his Chinese counter Xi Jinping and presented Doklam to him.



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