The end of Goonda Raj! Report reveals in just 16 months Yogi Adityanath govt carried out over 3,000 encounters in Uttar Pradesh

Two years back, India’s highest populated state Uttar Pradesh was known for the violence that was rampant. But now it has all changed and the state is inching towards a place where the law and order situation is very well maintained.

So if you ask what changed all of a sudden and who made this transformation, the answer is Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. Within days after coming to power, the Yogi government started its crackdown against the criminals in Uttar Pradesh and now a report has revealed that in the first 16 months of the Yogi Adityanath government, more than 3,000 encounters took place in which at least 78 criminals were gunned down.

UP Chief Secretary Anup Chandra Pandey has sent the communication to all districts magistrates ahead of Republic Day with a list of the achievements of the government and the letter states “there were 3,026 encounters till July 2018. In these encounters, 69 criminals were gunned down, 7,043 criminals were arrested, and 838 criminals sustained injuries. In the same period, 11,981 criminals had their bail canceled and surrendered in courts. The Special Task Force (STF) gunned down nine other criminals in encounters and arrested 139 others”.

“Anti-Romeo squads are functional. The data of their action was sent but it was cut out in the letter for unknown reasons” said a senior official.

But the hard work of Yogi government was not digested well by few of the fake news peddlers and sycophants of certain political parties. The Wire and certain activists tried to create a narrative that innocents are killed under the Yogi government.

India Today journalist Rahul Kanwal tried to corner the Yogi government in an interview and questioned Yogi Adityanath “NHRC data shows 433 criminals slayed in encounters in UP. This is 21st century. You say criminals will either have to go jail or to Yamraj. What’s this?”.

But the response given by Yogi was so perfect that the crowd went into an unending applause. Yogi’s response was “So should I do Aarti of criminals?”.

Hansika Raj