The END of Pakistan is certain now! Trump’s NSA John Bolton calls up NSA Ajit Doval, says ‘US supports India’s right to self-defense’

After the recent attack done by Pakistan on India, Pakistan has actually dug it’s grave. Now the time is not far when it will suffer each day. If Pakistan thinks that nothing will happen and they will keep on continuing their terror activities as earlier they are mistaken. It is Narendra Modi Government in India now. The Pakistan has touched the lion now and the death of Pakistan is certain

Earlier also when they have done the URI attack and claimed the lives of our several soldiers, they better know what was the result The SURGICAL STRIKE! Which they will never be able to forget even in their dreams? The Indian Soldiers have killed them in their own land. “Naya bharat unke Ghar mein Ghusa Bhi Aur Unhe Maar Bhi Giraya”. The Pakistan got so shaken by the Surgical Strike at that time that till date they do not confess that Surgical Strike has happened

And this time it would be more drastic than that. Pakistan has done a very very big mistake. These words of PM Narendra Modi are not only the words but carry deep and significant meaning. In the coming time, Pakistan is going to witness the hell. This time India will not only enter their land and kill but will destroy its land into bits and pieces. “Ab Bharat Ghar Mein Ghusega Aur Marega Hi Nhin Balki Ghar ko Hi Tabah Kar Dega”

Not only India but the whole world has united with India to show the Pakistan its place. In a recent development United State (US) National Security Advisor John Bolton has spoke to India’s National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval and told his counterpart that America supports India’s right to self-defence

According to reports, Bolton telephoned Doval Friday morning to express his condolences for the terror attack in Jammu and Kashmir and offered the US full support to India in confronting terrorism.
“I told Ajit Doval today that we support India’s right to self-defence. I have spoken to him twice, including this morning… and expressed US’ condolences over the terrorist attack, he told PTI.

Apart from that US has yesterday also issued a strict warning to Pakistan? In a strongly-worded statement, the White House has directed Pakistan to immediately end “support” and “safe haven” to all terror outfits on their soil whose only goal is to sow chaos, violence and terror in the region, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders also said, “This attack only strengthens our resolve to bolster counter terrorism cooperation and coordination between the United States and India”.

Meanwhile, in India, Prime Minister Modi has said the sacrifices of “our brave security personnel shall not go in vain”. PM Modi government has ensured free hand to the Indian Army to finish the terrorists. It has also withdrawn the most favoured nation status to Pakistan and also planning to block water to Pakistan. PM Modi Government has said that the permission has been given to forces to plan the way, to do whatever they want to take revenge. Pakistan is soon going to witness its end.

Source: DNA



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