The European Parliamentarians Visiting Jammu And Kashmir Have Spoken In Support Of India! Liberals Are Already Finding Faults In Their ‘Ideological Inclination’!

EU parliamentarians who were on a visit to newly formed union territory of Jammu and Kashmir in the press conference post their best, said,

“They stand by the country in its fight against global terrorism”

Addressing a press conference on the last day of their two-day visit to the Valley, the group of 23 members of European Parliament also condemned the killing of five labourers from West Bengal by terrorists

Terming Article 370 an internal issue of India, EU parliamentarians expressed,

“If we talk about Article 370 it is India’s internal matter. What concerns us is terrorism which is a global menace and we should stand with India in fighting it. There was an unfortunate incident of killing of five innocent labourers by terrorists. We condemn it,” said Henri Malosse from France.

The team had got a briefing from the army and police. The team of parlimentarians had also intereacted with the young activists and exchanged “ideas of peace”.

Newton Dunn from the UK described the visit, aimed at getting a first-hand assessment of the situation after the revocation of the state’s special status under Article 370, as an “eye-opener”.

“We belong to a place Europe which is peaceful after years of fighting. And we want to see India becoming the most peaceful country in the world. And for that we need to stand by India in its fight against global terrorism. This visit has been an eye opener and we would definitely advocate what we have seen on ground zero,” he told reporters.

The delegation is the first high-level foreign visit to Kashmir after the August 5 decision of the Centre to revoke the state’s special status and bifurcate it into two union territories, Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh.

Wednesday is the last day of Jammu and Kashmir as a state.

MEP from Poland Ryszard Czarnecki called The international media coverage biased.

“Once we go back to our countries we will inform them of what we saw,” he said.

Thierry Mariani, also from France, told the media he had been to India many times and this visit was not to interfere in the internal matter of India but to get a first-hand knowledge of the ground situation in Kashmir.

“Terrorists can destroy a country. I have been to Afghanistan and Syria and I have seen what terrorism has done. We stand with India in its fight against terrorism,” he said.

“By calling us fascists, our image has been tarnished. It’s better that one should know about us properly before tarnishing our image,” he added, referring to some media reports.

On Monday, the MPs had met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Delhi.

This statements would definitely be targeted by the liberal forum who had already started searching Twitter to know the ideological incline off these parlimentarians on visit.

India Today Data Intelligence Unit (DIU) scanned through Twitter profiles of 17 invitees, and found most of them have something in common ‘opposition to radical Islam’.  They are expressing problem because the delegation that visited Kashmir was nationalist’ and anti-immigration’.

What is the problem with being against radical Islam, terrorism, and from when is it a crime to be nationalist?

The Telegraph had earlier reported that 22 out of the 27 delegates belong to right-wing’ political parties in their countries.

And the reputation if telegraph is very well known.

Of the 17 Twitter profiles these journos analysed, eight EU delegates have tweets against radical Islam’.

French members of the delegation are aggressive on calling out radical Islamic activities in their country.

The other three members of the French delegation Nicolas Bay, Julie Lechanteux and France Jamet also had similar view points.

Germany’s Bernhard Zimnoik had tweets against his country’s immigration policy. He backed the bilateral talks agreement between India and Pakistan for Kashmir, but opposed sanctions against India.

The Italians, however, didn’t share their views on Islam in general; they were more concerned with Iran.

Both Sardone and Gancia had shared their opinions about oppression of women and human rights in Iran.

Spanish Delegate Hermann Tertsch also criticized radical Islam for having no space for the LGBT community.

James Wells of the Brexit Party tweeted about an incident during a by-election in Peterborough, where imams were filling in voter slips for worshippers & local non-Labour Muslims had complained of intimidation.

So opposing radical Islam, oppression of women, terrorism, or hate for LGBTQ in Islam, becomes far right policy according to these journalists.

For the same reason is it not better to belong to right wing, rather than support anti social elements?

Dr Sindhu Prashanth


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