The fake Secularists outraging behind the Kathua Rape Case… What is stopping you to talk about the Maulvi who raped a 14 year old minor ?

After the outrage of Kathua Rape Case in the whole nation, there was this news that emerged in some of the social media handles. To be honest, I read this news some days back and ignored thinking it must be fake! I literally thought, this news was being advertised to add communal wind to the Kathua Case. But to shock my senses, this news turned to be true!!

According to the report, a 14-year old girl was raped inside a mosque by a cleric and a shopkeeper in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. The report states that the mosque falls under the Bhagwatpur police station area. This news report has been published by some websites such as www.newsbytesapp.com, www.mijaaj.com and www.gnsnews.co.in.

NewsbytesApp was the first to publish this article, although it was later deleted( For unknown reasons). A copy of the NewsbytesApp article was put out by Yahoo News and it was quoted extensively on social media. These reports were published on April 14, 2018.

Islamic cleric Nazir and shopkeeper Mohsin rape a 14 year old minor girl INSIDE a mosque. After calling the innocent girl inside on the pretext of cleaning the room, they overpowered her and committed the heinous crime! Why no outrage in MSM?

Sagarika Ghose, Barkha Dutt and dear all any comments on this regard???? Any media take or retake???? Or the place is more distance than kathua???Or did the religion not let you raise your voice???

This 14-year-old girl was raped allegedly by a cleric and a shopkeeper on the campus of a mosque under Bhagwatpur police station area in Moradabad in August 2015, Indian Express had reported. Medical examination of the victim confirmed rape, as per police.

SO of Bhagwatpur PS, Akhilesh Pradhan said the victim’s father told the police that the cleric had asked his daughter to stay after the classes. “When others left, cleric Nazir asked the girl to clean his room in the premises. The complainant alleged that when his daughter went inside, she found Mohsin there. Nazir and Moshsin overpowered the girl and raped her,” the SO said.

The father told the police that by the time he and others reached the mosque, Nazir and Mohsin had fled. The SO said that efforts were on to arrest the two absconding accused. Puzzlingly, the Indian Express headlines indicates doubt whether the rape actually occurred, despite the article itself confirming that medical examination of victim has confirmed rape.

Uttar Pradesh: Cleric rapes 14-year-old girl inside mosque premises. Cleric Nazir and shopkeeper Mohsin, are absconding and the police are putting in efforts to arrest them.

The original version of the story had indicated that this crime took place in April 2018, whereas the crime had occurred in August, 2015.

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Did any Bollywood celebrity flash placards on social media regarding this issue? Or protest in JNU? Did luyten media ranted. If no. Its not a crime! In Hindustan, Hindu is accountable. Rest are poor innocents. Even their rapes are badge of honour against so called oppression.

Filmmaker Ashoke Pandit was among those who tweeted about it, as did those who are followed on Twitter by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Each of these tweets was retweeted hundreds of times.

14-year-old girl raped inside the mosque by cleric Nazir and shopkeeper Mohsin in Muradabad U.P. “I Am Hindustan I Am Ashamed 14 yrs old raped in a mosque”

I can hardly see any poster across India on Muslim cleric raping girl in mosque.No media crying on this nor apologists accepting such a thing ever happened.Even the rape of Hindu women in Karnataka by 9 Muslim men did not make any news on TV. Crime will be clearly based on community in India!!

The Mayawatis, Yechhuirs, Karats, Yadavs, Gandhis Vadras, Owasiss, Azmis, Bachans, Mamtas, Akthars, Khans can’t you impress upon the government to bring an ordinance on death penalty for rapist? Can’t you meet the president regarding this issue? Leave politicizing on this issue and for once, think of working together.


Old news of 14-year old raped inside mosque in Moradabad circulates as recent incident