The Festival of Democracy has begun! Here’s the four requests made by PM Modi to voters which will decide the future of nation

The countdown for 2019 LokSabha Elections have started. All the parties have tightened their boots and started campaigning for the upcoming election. While some parties are fighting for the nation others are fighting for their own political benefits.

Amidst of all this our Prime Minister has today specially reached out to everyone and requested them to vote in upcoming elections and participate in the biggest festival of democracy. Prime Minister Modi has listed 4 principles for strengthening the democracy

Let’s know what these four principles are

Register for voting

  • Give your voter card a place of pride in your life.
  • Get registered as voters, (if you have not already) at the earliest.
  • You can apply either online, on, or through the BLOs of your respective polling stations or at the electoral registration office.
  • The 2019 elections are special because for the first time those born in the 21st century will be able to cast their votes. I hope all eligible youngsters who have not registered to vote will do so and enrich our democracy by voting.

Check thoroughly

  • Revisit the electoral rolls and check whether your name is there.
  • Visit the websites of your respective state election offices and check the electoral rolls.
  • If your name is missing, raise it with the relevant authorities and if you have shifted residence, ensure that your name shifts to the voter rolls of your new place of stay.
  • Updating of rolls will continue till the last day of filing of nominations in your particular constituency. However, do not wait for the last moments and so, the earlier, the better.

Plan well

  • The poll schedule is already out, giving you ample time to plan your summer schedule. Try to be there on the day of voting. If you are planning a summer holiday, plan it before or after the polling date.
  • If for some reason, your place of work and place of vote differ, make the effort to go and vote. Take that one day off for the future of our nation

Mobilise others

  • Call upon your family, friends and colleagues to vote.
  • Motivate and, if need be, force them to venture out and exercise their franchise on polling day.
  • Higher voting means a stronger democracy and a stronger democracy means a developed India

Further he requested voters to come out in large numbers and vote. The last few elections, in various states and at the Centre, have witnessed record turnout. Continuing this encouraging trend, I urge my fellow Indians to vote in record numbers in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.I particularly call upon influencers from all fields, including politics, industry, sports, films and other walks of life to take the lead in spreading voter awareness and value of high voting.May these elections witness the highest ever turnout in the history of Indian elections, wrote PM Modi

PM Modi has rightly said these 4 steps are very very important for the future of our nation. Everyone should understand the power of their one vote. They should understand that their one vote can make as well as break the nation. People cam plan their trips and work for the another day but they should not forget to vote. As we all during the festival of Diwali start our preparations well in advance from cleaning our house to decorating our house and celebrating the D- Day with great enthusiasm. In similar way we should pull our socks to clean the nation and throw corrupt parties and politicians out of power by our vote so that we can celebrate the development of our nation