The future Will Remember Nitish As the Man Who Failed Bihar


We used to visit our hometown in Bihar in summer vacations. Though we were too young to understand the terror in Bihar, yet I have some of the memories, which now makes me realize why it was called “˜Jungle Raj”™. We used to laugh on the news of dacoity and abducted (forceful) marriage. We were kids, and had no idea about the intensity of bad governance and lawlessness in Bihar.

The whole family would come together in summer vacations, so the male of the family used to sleep with gun or pistol by their side. Because loot was common, anyone would bash into the house anytime. I remember, no one was allowed to step out of home after 6 PM, neither anyone was allowed to enter the premises, no matter how helpless the person is. Women would not dare to step out without a man escort.

The story changed after Nitish Kumar became CM of the state. He was the one who coined the term “˜Jungle Raj”™ for Lalu”™s governance. He made people realize that a strong mandate could change their fate, and Bihar deserves better governance. NDA (Nitish”™s JD (U) + BJP) came into the power in year 2005, and the poverty stricken Bihar started experiencing some developmental changes.

Girls would be seen cycling towards their school. 6 PM was not the deadline anymore, and dacoity and forceful-marriage dropped to negligible level. Just when Bihar was moving towards its betterment, Nitish Kumar for some personal reasons broke his tie with BJP. His political aspiration, and if not aspiration then rivalry became very costly for the future of Bihar.

The Nitish Kumar, who was a product of Jayprakash Narayan”™s movement against Congress (Indira Gandhi), and who left the RJD for ideological differences, joined hands with these two parties for Assembly Elections in 2015. The Mahagathbandhan had a big win, and seeing the current condition of Bihar, I regret working on that election. Nitish may have been a CM now, but statistically, he is the biggest looser of 2015 elections.

Two days back, dreaded Bahubali and RJD MP Shahabuddin came out of jail. He is convict of many murders and other criminal cases. Shahabuddin was the one who introduced AK-47 in Bihar. As soon as he came out of Bhagalpur jail, his supporters greeted him with a convoy of more than 200 cars. He is out on bail, but the State government did not take the matter to Supreme Court and let him be out. The inaction from Nitish is proof how he is tackling the “˜su-sasan”™ of Bihar. He has become just a face of CM and a mute spectator of the wrongs in Bihar.

I am sure Nitish Kumar would never want to take Bihar in the same position it was in during Lalu Raj. But the truth is, he has given birth to the Jungle Raj-2. Who gave him right to play with the future of Bihar ? Who told him to bring Jungle Raj ? Was he bigger than Bihar ? Bihar will ask him these questions. The future will remember Nitish as the man who failed Bihar for his own personal grudges.

Shibya Pandey

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