The Habitual Liar like Ilhan Omar is Expressing Concerns Over Human Rights in Kashmir! Why Kashmir, Why Not Somalia? Know The True Face of This US ‘Congresswoman’!

Indian journalists while speaking at the US House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing had a face off with controversial US congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

Indian journalists called US Congressional hearing “prejudiced, biased and a setup against India and in favour of Pakistan.

Ilhan Omar commented that,

The journalist were catering to an audience back home and making “incredibly dubious” claims. She also blamed the journalists to be the mouthpiece of the government and accused them of shaping the narrative by reporting distorted truth.

The distorted truth she is referring to is the situation at the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir post abrogation of Article 370.

Their concern over human rights in the valley and Jammu gets limited to restoration of communication and lifting up of all the restrictions in the Union territory, but,

The fact that they turn blind eye to is much more complex and threatening. The local politics in Kashmir had always compromised the development and interest of people in the earlier state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Indian journalists said, the Kashmiri Muslims have suffered most from terror attacks by Pakistan-sponsored terrorists and this had been overlooked by Western activists and world media for years. The 30 years of Islamic jihad and terror in Kashmir perpetrated by Pakistan has been completely ignored and overlooked by the world press.

A group of US lawmakers expressed concern about the situation in Jammu and Kashmir amid security restrictions since August 5, when the government announced the end of special status to the state and split it into two union territories.

These lawmakers, the likes of Ilhan Omar had called for the release of detained politicians and activists and an end to restrictions on communication and movement of people. These lawmakers easily forget the case of , senior journalist Shujaat Bukhari, who was killed last year. He believed in peace and dialogue between India and Pakistan. But on June 14, 2018, he was shot dead right outside his office in Srinagar by Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), the same terror outfit banned by the United States that also perpetrated the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks.

A Kashmiri businessman gets shot and dies on August 29 because he had opened his shop defying the orders of Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM). Jaish, in the last two months, has been issuing posters, warning Kashmiri Muslims not to resume their normal lives.

As far as Ilhan Omar is concerned her hatred for any non Islamic country is very much evident.

Omar, who is accused of marrying her brother in immigration fraud, is a known antisemite. Considering her toxic ideology, it isn’t a surprise that she has taken a pro-Jihad stand on Kashmir. she has abandoned Somalia, got elected elected to US Congress, and without ever fighting for the rights of her own people who have been subjected to utmost brutality at the hands of jihadists is showing concerns on Indian Kashmiris.

While the Arabs have refrained from interfering with the matter in any manner, Pakistanis and Muslims from other regions of the world have been vocal about the issue. In India, too, a radical section of the community has been indulging in false rhetoric.

If the Indian government had not enforced restrictions in Jammu & Kashmir, violence and bloodshed would have followed the monumental decision on August 5th. These restrictions were borne of necessity, not whims. But without even having any idea on the ground reality Omar is playing into the hands of Jihadists.

The Global Ummah also manifests itself in the BDS( Boycott, divestment, and Sanctions) movement, which is directed against Israel for what its proponents call an ‘occupation’ of Palestine. The Israel-Palestine conflict is also the reason why significant sections of the Indian Muslim community oppose a friendly relation with Israel. This reflects on the choices made by Indian political parties which has consequently shaped India’s foreign policy. Unsurprisingly, Ilhan Omar and her comrade Rashida Tlaib,  are vocal proponents of the BDS movement.

One of the greatest achievements of Narendra Modi’s foreign policy as Prime Minister has been navigating through the Global Ummah and isolating Pakistan globally. Despite the significant difficulty, India has succeeded in isolating Pakistan from even the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). However, the Global Ummah continues to manifest itself in other areas.

One thing these ‘outsiders’ should understand is,

The communal politics does not serve any good to Kashmir. The restrictions placed after the abragation of article 370 it is not a communal issue it is an issue that is being communalised.


Dr. Sindhu Prashanth


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