The horrors of 1984 Sikh riots are back to haunt Madhya Pradesh CM Kamal Nath again

A senior congress leader and a very close aide of Smt.Sonia Gandhi,Madhyapradesh CM Kamal Nath is in trouble over the 1984 Sikh riots post assasination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

Kamal nath never showed remorse over his involvemnt in the unfortunate incident that took place, he insisted in hs interview to the very infamous journalist Burkha Dutt had said that “why to say sorry? i shoud be thanked for my service to the congress party”

According to this great congress leader murderig innocent sikhs was an act to be thankful of.justice be may be delayed but it shall prevail one day.

Now the home ministry has cleared proposal for Reopening the 1984 Anti-Sikh riots cases.

Shiromani Akhali Dal(SAD) leader Manjinder S Sirsa said that the SIT will depose two new witnesses in the matter.

Case number 601/84 is officially reopned now.

The SAD had accused Kamal Nath of participating in the riots outside Gurudhwara Rakabganj in the national capital,Delhi.

On 1st november, 1984 india had come to a halt as Indira Gandhi’s body was laid down for darshan.the only words which were turned into action are ‘khoon ka badla khoon’.

Rakabganj gurudwara, was just across the street from thr parliament house. It was subjected to a prolonged seize. Its periphery was damaged and horrifically two sikhs were burnt alive inside the gurudwara.

The incident was the only incident in history of mass violence in india where a political leader admitted to being on spot.

The leader in question was Kamal nath. His presence at the gurudwara was confirmed by the two of the senior most officers, Commissioner Subhash Tandon and Additional commissioner Gautham Kaul, and also by an independent source, the inidan express reporter, Sanjay Suri.

The Indian Express had reported that Kamal Nath had led the mob. He was controlling the mob which were looking at him for directions. Sanjay Suri had testified in court that while all this drama was unfolding the bodies of those sikhs were still burning outside the gurudwara.

According to the official reports, nearly three thousand sikhs were butchered in the riots. However the then ruling party, Congress, has not even apologised for its involvement in Sikh targeted genocide. Its been 35 years since the horrific mass violence.

The Nanavathi Commission which was setup by the NDA government in 2000 to look into the matter, gave Kamal nath benefit of doubt as there were lack of evidence to prove his involvement.

The ignorance of the congress party to addreess the anti sikh riots of 1984 was again proved when they appointed this tainted politician as theChief minister of Madhya Pradesh.

They did have other options like Jyothiradithya Scindia. But placing a permeanent blot on the democracy and human rights congress went with Kamal Nath.  It almost seems like congress party is trying to reward Kamal Nath for his allegiance towards the party during 1984.

There was enough evidence before the NAnavathi commission to recommend a CBI probe into his role in the riots. Kamal nath had let the mob carry on with their ostility towards a targeted community. He was clear the part of the problem not solution.

Now when the case has been given green signal for reopening, questions about his role in the Rakabganj gurudwara episode might well hold the key to uncovering the high-level conspiracy behind the 1984 riots.

Remember what Rajiv Gandhi had said,

“when Indiraji was assassinated, SOME riots took place in our country. We know the hearts of the Indians were filled with anger, and for some days people felt that india was shaking. But when the big tree falls, then the earth does shake a little”.

And these same people tied to sling mud on Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. Truth was on their side, they faced the trial and emerged clean. Can Kamal Nath do the same?

It is not easy to was off blood of innocent on one’s hand.

Dr Sindhu Prashanth