The Indian Lawyer who defeated Pakistan in the International Court of Justice wants to send Congress leaders to Jail!!! Here’s why?

It looks like Rahul Gandhi and INC India want to weaken the judicial system before they get finally booked in National Herald loot case. Dear advocates of our country, you will get unemployed if the judiciary has nothing to say in country’s matters. Shame for Congress for blaming CJI who is performing his duties as per law. Salute to CJI who never let anyone to compromise with the honorable chair in Supreme Court.

Despite losing support from the opposition, Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s aide Ramya while continuing hatred against the CJI, she openly accused him of bench-fixing. While hurling vile accusations at CJI Dipak Misra, she asked, “Should he not be impeached?”

After Rahul Gandhi’s close aide and Congress social media in-charge Divya Spandana didn’t just level allegations, but actually held the Chief Justice of India guilty of “bench-fixing” by citing a number of ‘cases’, a shocked Harish Salve has said that the time has come for contempt of court to be initiated and for people to be sent to jail for such indiscretions.

Salve hit out at the Congress, saying that it’s contempt of court was nothing new and had, in fact, only been taken to new levels:

“I think over the generations, Congress has gone from cutting judiciary to size and fallen to a point that it’s scandalising, horrifying and vilifying the judiciary.”

Opening on the Prasad Educational Trust case, which was one of the main charges levelled in the now-rejected impeachment motion against the CJI, Harish Salve accused the Opposition of having their facts in a tangle as the matter originated long before Dipak Misra assumed his current position and even before he was a judge in the Supreme Court.

He also challenged Divya Spandana alleging that CJI Dipak Misra had ‘bench-fixed’ in the Aadhaar case, narrating the series of events that culminated in the CJI presiding over a 5-judge bench, which is the norm he has observed since the 70’s.

“A time has come that a firm action under contempt of court needs to be taken and people must be sent to jail”, the former Solicitor General of India said, going on to express how upset he was over the manner in which proceedings had been carried out in the Judge Loya case and professing his regret that the Supreme Court bench had refrained from initiating contempt of court in the matter.

Salve said that judges had been subjected to nonsense and that this ‘fungus’ had been allowed to grow.”If a common man believes that you can talk like this about the court and walk away then we might as well wind up our constitutional courts”, Salve said. When asked about the manner in which jurists such as Prashant Bhushan and Kapil Sibal had been participating in court proceedings, Salve said, “We’ve seen a sharp decline in the kind of address made to courts.”

Taking on Kapil Sibal, Salve said:

“I was in the Ayodhya case when Mr Sibal threatened to walk out of the case. I was sitting there stunned to hear a lawyer saying he would walk out. Understand the connotation of walking out, it’s awful disrespect.”
He summed up the matter thusly: “It’s like a child daring you. He does something naughty, you let him go. He wants to see how far he can push the envelope.If it becomes such that anyone can spew venom and walk away, someday, someone against whom the court gives a judgment will turn around and say ‘I hope you haven’t taken a bribe.'”

Asked if an apology was required- “There’s no question of apologising. This is beyond apology. Apology is in the heat of the moment if someone says something and then says sorry.”

On being asked for the reason for the Opposition’s impeachment motion, and the Congress subsequently holding the CJI guilty of bench-fixing, Salve offered ‘frustration’ as an explanation- “I hope those who are given to filing PILs don’t try to use the courts to govern.” He listed a set of case types where a PIL would be more appropriate, saying the following about the cases in which they were being filed: “it’s a catalogue of politically motivated PILs.”

Even after Vice President Venkaiah Naidu dismissed Opposition’s impeachment motion against the Chief Justice of India, Dipak Misra, Congress’ social media and digital communications head Divya ‘Ramya’ Spandana dared to come out and spread hatred against him.

Divya Spandana should be asked to prove her charges and if she cannot, she deserves to be punished for it. The country cannot allow such lunatic vagabonds to destroy the reputation of our constitutional authorities. What is Congress trying to do is to brush everybody with the corruption paint so that their sin reduces? They have looted the country for 70 years and when the people realized their true color, Congress is trying to defame everyone.

Everyone in the Congress are acting in desperation to save his/her career! In frustration, they blurt out things that an uneducated person wont. This victimization of the heads of constitutional institutions should stop. The only way to do that is to file contempt of court petition in this case and put people responsible behind bars.

Congress wants the Ayodhya verdict after 2019 election which CJI refused. Now the arguments are over and Ayodhya case is for verdict the Congress fear that it may be in favour of Hindus which BJP would use as an election tool to win 2019, so the Congress wants to create an impression that Dipak Mishra is a wrong man. 

Immediately contempt of court must be initiated on them and send them to jail. Besides all other pending cases should also be taken up for judgement and severe punishment should be given if found guilty. Also, Election Commission must ban them from conducting the election in their life time.

How and why should we tolerate these insensitive anti-Indian people? These Congressmen and their President Rahul Gandhi, the communist Yachuri, Mamata Banerjee and other small state-level party opposition constituents have repeatedly questioned: CJI and Supreme Court, CEC & Election Commission, Indian Army, Prime Minister of India and the Indian Constitution. We should not tolerate these bunch of traitors anymore.

Source: Republic World

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