The Indian Navy, with the new projects and additions is stronger and vigilant than ever! Our coastline will soon be in violate!

“Shamno Varunah |”

The glorious motto of the Indian Navy. Its a prayer that ‘May Varuna be auspicious to us’.

This Mantra is part of a full shloka belonging to Bhrugu Valli of Taittiriya Upanishad. Bhrugu Valli describes how Bhrugu, son of Varun obtained Bramha gyana through Tapas under his father Varun’s guidance.

Indian Navy have been guarding our seas with utmost commitment. Varuna has indeed been auspicious to them, and they are carrying out an auspicious duty of securing our seas.

The second term of Modi government is working towards making our tri services more powerful than ever before. Our army men received bullet proof jackets, Apache, Chinook, Rafale have boosted the Airforce and now India Navy is witnessing new additions and new policies being drafted.

Recently, union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh commissioned the Second Kalvari-Class Submarine Khanderi, which is known as ‘the silent killer’.

Now Indian Navy  has taken up the project to equip sub-20 metre fishing boats and dhows with transponders.

This will enable the Navy’s tracking up to 250 nautical miles away at sea. The project has proved a success and is expected to provide real-time maritime surveillance to prevent any mishaps like that of the November 2008 Mumbai terror attack.

An Automatic Identification System (AIS),has been installed and the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) is planning to go ahead with its ambitious Rs 336 crore plan of 2017 to equip some 2 lakh sub-20 metre boats with transponders.

This would ensure that the 7516-km long Indian coastline along 9 states and 4 Union Territories remain secure.

The prototype transponders have been able to receive signals from as far as 200-250 nautical miles.

The bigger challenge lies in equipping  some 1.6 lakh of 2.22 lakh boats of all types to ensure the Indian coasts are free of terror intrusion. But once it’s done the coastline will become inviolate.

The Navy had equipped 500 boats with transponders in Gujarat, 500 in Tamil Nadu and 50 in Puducherry.

The feeds from these boats were linked to Navy’s Information Management and Analysis Centre (IMAC) at Gurugram, Haryana through satellite and helps in identification of friend or foe.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh during the commissioning of INS Khanderi recalled the exceptional role played by the Navy during the war of 1971.

Operation Trident and Operation Python had broke the backbone of the Pakistan Navy. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh also said that Indian Navy is now capable of delivering a “much bigger blow,” if needed.

The Indian Navy is ready to defend the country against all threats, Rajnath Singh said while addressing the personnel of Western Fleet, during his “day at sea” onboard INS Vikramaditya off the Goa coast on Sunday.

He lauded the professionalism, commitment and spirited approach shown by the brave sailors of the Indian Navy. he witnessed the prowess and fire power of the Western Fleet first hand, and commented that our country’s coastline safeguard is in beat hands.

Defence Minister also Emphasised that India’s security relies a lot on being strong at sea. Navy’s Mission Based Deployments at critical regions of the Indian Ocean have strengthened the maritime security environment in the region.

Western Fleet had immediately deployed in a strong posture in the northern Arabian Sea when the government effectively responded to the Pulwama attacks through strikes on terror camps in Balakot. “Western Fleet degraded the ability of our adversary and ensured they did not attempt any misadventure at sea,” Singh said terming the most significant role of Indian Navy is to have a credible “second strike” capability as a Nuclear deterrent.

The Indian Navy is the key enabler and guarantor of India’s maritime security and the role of the Indian Navy is also very critical in ensuring the energy security and economic growth of the country.

They prevent miscreants from entering our country. They save guard our maritime trade. They play an auspicious role in securing the country from any threats.

‘Sham no Varuna’ – May Varuna be auspicious on them.

Dr Sindhu Prashanth


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