The janeu dhari Shiv-Bhakt does it again! Rahul Gandhi referred to Lord Shiva as “it”

Blowing air to the ongoing controversy of the Congress President, that he consumed non-vegetarian food during his pilgrimage tour to Mansarovar, yet again a tweet by him has heated up the situation.

The BJP seems not to be very pleased with Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s pilgrimage to Kailash Mansarovar, as it has now come down heavily on Gandhi for one of his tweets on Kailash Mansarovar.

In the tweet, Rahul Gandhi had said that he feels happy to have this opportunity to visit Kailash Mansarovar, adding, “a man goes to Kailash when it calls him.”

Right after this tweet by the Congress President, BJP’s national Information & Technology in-charge Amit Malviya has slammed Rahul Gandhi for allegedly referring to Lord Shiva as ‘it’. While further reprimanding him, Malviya said that his tweet shows his ignorance about the religious significance of the Mansarovar Yatra.

‘It’? Did you just refer to Lord Shiva as ‘it’? Unless you have gone to mount Kailash with the sole objective of trekking, this smacks of ignore about the cultural and religious significance of the Mansarovar Yatra,” wrote Malviya.

This is not the first attack on Rahul Gandhi for hurting religious sentiments of the people in India, Malviya had accused Gandhi of eating non-vegetarian food during Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. While putting out a video, reportedly featuring a restaurant waiter talking about what all Rahul Gandhi ate during his visit to the restaurant, Malviya alleged playing with the faith of Hindus has become a habit for Rahul Gandhi and his Congress leaders.

Recently, Congress media-in-charge Randeep Surjewala brandished caste card at an of ‘Brahmin Samaj’, saying Congress party’s blood has Brahmin Samaj’s DNA in it. And here’s what Dr. Subramanian Swamy had to answer back to this statement of Surjewala:

These kinds of derogatory remarks by the Congress party members has become a daily routine now. The Gandhi family self-proclaimed as Dynasty family, has become a big question in the minds of the people in India. Increasing stupidity and hurting religious sentiments seems to be not right on the part of these people. And this will be no longer tolerated as well.

On 30th August Rahul Gandhi was in Kathmandu and on the same night Rahul Gandhi consumed non-vegetarian food (Chicken and pork) and this incident was confirmed by none other than the waiter of the restaurant from where Rahul Gandhi consumed the non-vegetarian food.

This is not the first time where the Shiv-Bhakt Rahul Gandhi had hurt the Hindus. Even in the past, Rahul Gandhi had made several derogatory statements against Hindus and Hindutva.

Source: Republic World

Shiv Bhakt Rahul Gandhi hurts crores of Hindus by eating Chicken and Pork in a Nepali restaurant before going on Mansarovar Yatra!