The Kerala CPM chief wants BJP leaders to be killed? Here’s his shocking statement about BJP & RSS that will boil your blood

In the last four years the Leftist-Communists Media fraternity has exposed themselves in social media so much so that they are not left with even a pin to hide under!! Kerala along with West Bengal has crossed all limits of atrocities and now seems to be reaching the target of being a Hooligans state.

Media is said to be the 4th pillar of Democracy but in India, we apply the reverse psychology, it exits just to spread fake propaganda. They have taken a keen interest in highlighting the Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb’s illogical statements and cooked up all possible conclusions from it. Whereas ignored the Kerala CPM chief’s fascist statement against the BJP Party and the RSS.

More than 24 hours have passed since Kerala CPM chief gave fascist statement that “Only if BJP workers are alive can they join our party tomorrow”. India witnessing pin drop silence in Media. But Tripura CM’s illogical statements were shown 24*7 as if the world was gonna end.

CPM Kerala chief Kodiyeri Balakrishnan denied that his party was culpable in any way in the state’s political killings and rejected allegations that his party-men aimed to eliminate those from rival fronts. Here’s what Balakrishnan said in an exclusive interview to Indian Express.

“RSS grows in India through communal violence. Like other parts, you cannot foment communal riots here (in Kerala). So here, they are trying to destroy the Marxist party. We don’t need to do that. Only when a BJP worker is alive tomorrow, can he join the Communist party. If he is not there tomorrow, how can he turn? So many BJP leaders are coming towards us…OK Vasu, Unnikrishnan, Asokan have all joined us. We are not trying to eliminate anyone. No communist will think like that because that person should join us tomorrow. Only if workers of other parties are alive can they join the communist party. So we don’t wish to take anyone’s life,” 

Probably we could expect an outrage or a revolt on this if it came from a BJP worker/leader. But right now we cannot expect this to happen as it is from the communist’s party chief. It is only BJP leaders who are accused and blamed for anything and everything on earth.

Why no outrage from the media houses now?? Are they trying to paint an Anti-Hindu picture of Government agencies but with these cases they cannot satisfy their propaganda by keeping CPM(Marxists) or the Congress against them, so they do not ever think of highlighting these cases.

Source: indianexpress.com