The king of bad times does it again! After midnight drama fails, Rahul Gandhi insults the Indian judiciary by comparing it with Pakistan

Triggering another controversy upon him the Congress President said “Aisa Pakistan me hota hai (such things happen in Pakistan)” insulting the Indian Judiciary.

That’s nowadays new dirty gaming played by Rahul Gandhi in his gang of politics. Their agenda is to just spread propaganda, lie and blame all those institutions whichever they find are running against them. It’s time for them to pay back now. This is indeed ridiculous and shameful on part of those who call themselves as the oldest party of the country.

After the tried and tested midnight drama over the formation of government in Karnataka came to an end and BJP’s BS Yeddyurappa was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Karnataka, Congress President Rahul Gandhi pulls another controversy over him comparing India to Pakistan. This has blown air to an anger of Indians.

“This is probably the first time you witnessed 4 supreme court judges go to the press and addresses the people saying that we are in need of you, that we are being pressurised, we are being threatened and we are unable to do our work. This is probably the first time such incident has happened in a democratic nation like India, but this is very common in a dictatorship, it has happened in Pakistan and several other countries in Africa. Some general comes and drives the press away, but India is witnessing this for the first time in 70 years”.

Being the President of Congress Rahul Gandhi and his party members have insulted the honorable Governor and called him an agent of BJP party. What rights do these people have to insult the Governor? And all this only because they could not get a position in Karnataka? How low can you get?

“Today constitution is being attacked. In Karnataka on one side there are MLA’s standing and on the other side the Governor. JDS has said its MLAs have been offered Rs 100 crore each”, he added. 

You should know if it was a dictatorship rule in the country, your party could have never been able to file a petition late night in Supreme Court and hearing starting at 2 am and going for 200 minutes. Instead, you should go to Pakistan and check it out for yourself, you might know the truth.

Rahul Gandhi needs to apologize to judiciary immediately. This apology should be on part of the dignity of India and its judiciary. Rahul Gandhi is equal to those crores of people in India and law is equal to each one of them. If their judgement didn’t favour him that doesn’t mean, he can impeach or compare Supreme Court of India with a country like Pakistan.


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