The lady who said Nitin Gadkari and RSS is planning to kill PM Modi, has once again crossed her limits! This time she insults the men who guard the nation

During the ceasefire in the month of Ramzan in Jammu and Kashmir, the terrorists had executed a shameless act of killing the journalist Shujaat Bhukari. SP Pani, IG of Kashmir confirmed that it was an act of the terrorists as they got evidence on the terror links to the incident.

But the superstar of left wingers, Shehla Rashid who recently said “Looks like RSS/Gadkari is planning to assassinate Modi, and then blame it upon Muslims/Communists and then lynch Muslims” in an attempt to gain publicity free of cost, had her own version on the killing of the journalist Shujaat Bhukari.

Yes as per her research and analysis, she claimed that Shujaat Bhukari was killed by none other than the men who guard the nation from Pakistani rogues. She stated,

  • Shujaat sahab’s funeral prayers will be offered in a while. He’s survived by a daughter (9th grade), a son (10th grade), and his wife. Everyone at the funeral wonders why anyone would kill him. They believe this is the job of agencies, asking whythere was no police/CRPF there.

After her statement, it is getting clearer that she is a passionate liar, who not just wants to enhance her image but also create rift within the nation.

But her lie didn’t get much traction as the IGP of Kasmir said that “The fourth suspect in the Shujaat Bukhari has been identified. His role for the recovery of the pistol has been done. Investigation of the case is going on. At this stage, we are investigating the role of the fourth suspect, who was seen picking up the weapon from the spot and vanishing”.

He added “As far as the case is concerned at this stage it is a terror incident. It is a terrorist-related crime. We are investigating into the case”.

By now, an Indian who have got an iota of common sense would come to know that the killers of Shujaat Bukhari were terrorists. Now what the Indians did was just slammed the the hypocrisy of Shehla Rashid.

Noted TV anchor Anjana Om Kashyap said,

  • This is the most juvenile, manipulative, agenda driven propaganda I have ever seen being floated. It is only in India that such irresponsible remarks are offered off the shelf by a breed of anti state propagandists! Unacceptable.

Shehla Rashid, on what basis did you blame the Indians for the killing? Do you have any evidence?

  • Did you investigate it? How do you know who killed him? It could be anyone, militants, agencies, political rivalry, mafia. Usually in case of unknown gunmen it is agencies.

Shame on you Shehla Rashid!

  • It’s clear that this is the handiworks of terrorists.The govt declared ceasefire in the holy month of Ramadan and the terrorists responded by killing a respected journalist and a soldier.Have some sense and shame and show some guys in critiscing the Islamic terrorists.

The Modi government is also to be blamed for this situation. If the government hadn’t taken actions against the hate mongers like Shehla Rashid, then they wouldn’t have had dared to defame the Indian soldier. The government is very lenient to the twitter hate mongers, but if the pro-Modi supporters use the same medium to attack the non-Modi government, then they would be sent behind bars.

Hansika Raj