Father of Nation was born in Porbander on 2nd October, 1869, Iron Man SardarVallabhBhai Patel was born in Nadiyad on 31st October, 1875, Great entrepreneur DhirubhaiAmbani was born on 28th December, 1932 in Chorvad and on 17 September, 1950, NarendraModi was born in Vadnagar. : Anil Ambani, Industrialist

Who is NarendraModi?

The undaunted little Gujarati boy selling tea at Vadnagar railway station in his early days with a dire need of development, Is he that NarendraModi? Or the ambitious little labourer selling glasses of water at 5 paisa each with a hope of achievement, Is he that NarendraModi? Or the little Hercules daily wage earner carrying oil barrels in an oil company in Vadnagar at the rate of 5 paisa per oil barrel with a desire to do great, Is he that NarendraModi?

Or a small 12 year old boy who dived into the Sarmistha lake and fought bravely with the crocodiles without caring for his life to change the saffron flag of the old shrine temple with a hope to invade and establish faith, Is he that NarendraModi? Or the boy waiting day and night at the Vadnagar railway station to attend the wounded soldiers during Indo-pak war to give them tea free of cost, to arrange as much food as he could with a passion of a patriot, in spite of not having a regular source of income for himself, Is he that NarendraModi?

Or the people”™s first choice as the prime minister conquering over all the parties”™ portfolios and political boundaries devouring all the political stalwarts, with two-third majority of a clear political mandate, establishing spiritual democracy making never before Alexandrian history with a touchstone”™s think-tank therapy, Is he that NarendraModi?

A story of cannibalism, hypnotism, povertarianism, and a saga of sixty years”™ scandal, corruption, policy paralysis of Congress have been replaced by action, ambition and reformation of Action Man-NarendraModi (BJP) with spectacular planning and India-centric policy. But impatient India has great expectation for delivery and immediate result. 1.25 billion Indians have chosen their soul representative as the Prime Minister, obviously not to wait for eternity but to relieve from hunger, unemployment, illiteracy, injustice and jungle-raj.

After Rajiv Gandhi, no Prime Minister even AtalBihari Vajpayee has not confronted this kind of situation as Mr.Modi is facing because this time expectation of people is comparatively high with the promise of Modi. Other reasons are the unique election manifesto of BJP and the worrisome situation of country which is really brain-storming. When NarendraModi juggernaut was rolling incessantly across the nation till May 16, 2014 with relentless chanting- “Modi, Modi, Modi,” in fact the date, May 16, became the day of Victory still it is not yielding fruits for poor Indians as Modi is too slow in action though we cannot say, “Soil is ungrateful to the tiller”™s care.”

The first ever superstar politician even after Gandhi, Patel, and Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, Modi is the first politician who works hard for development and speaks so assertively with clear political mandate. He has done great development in Gujarat due to what somepeople think that Gujarat is saturated so far as development is concerned. He is a great reformer with his premier proof, Gujarat. If he could develop Gujarat, then why not India. So I sternly believe that “˜Yes he can do”™. He can do “˜dream come true,”™ and he can lead the youth on the steps, “If I am for stars, then I am at least to touch the stars”.

As a good emperor listens to all but acts only by the direction of his heart, Modi also acts in the same way as an emperor but in a democratic way. As a birthday gift message if I would like to offer Modi government”™s 2 years”™ report card in a nutshell, then I think dear Indians must understand our PM in a much viable way.

7.65% GDP growth, 50, 465 gram panchayats connected with broad band till April 2016, 12.65 crore enrolled for Jan Suraksha till May 2016, total of 7, 766 villages electrified till 16 May 2016,  WPI fell to -2.48 in 2015-16, Rs 3.48 crore Mudra loan dispersed till 16 May 2016, 1.02 crore people gave up LPG subsidy for poor people on PM”™s clarion call, $63 bn FDI making India a top investment destination, total of 17, 29, 358 OROP beneficiaries till 8 May 2016, total of 21, 644 Post Office core branches, 22 crore new bank accounts and 1.8 crore new toilets under Swachh Bharat Mission.

This two years assessment of Modi-Government is an impartial evaluation unbiased by any authority or institution shows that Modi has secured a clear First Division with Distinction but has failed to achieve A or A+. Surely he needs time for excellence but India is restless, probably its people have little time to enjoyAchhe Din. Now what Modiji has given to our nation, according to the data, this is ACHHE DIN.

We should pray for this Legendary Statesman on his birthday as a return gift, for his blissful cherishedlong life to continue as a Performer Reformer Transformer Diplomat for quite long years ahead.

Azad Ray