The man who never dared to speak for the Kashmiri Pandits, is now taking a stand for illegal Bangladeshi immigrants!


Out of 3.29 crore applications, around 40 lakh names are missing from the final draft of the National Register of Citizens (NRC). The officials have said that claims and objections from those not included in the final draft list will be taken up from August 30 to September 28. So few might be excluded from the figure of 40 lakh. If the documents of the residents convince the authority that their family was in Assam before March 24, 1971, then their name will be included in the list.

Till date, 2.89 crore people have been recognized as Indian citizens and this list has come out at a crucial time when the North East states are suffering due to the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. In July 2012, the violence in Assam state broke out between the native Bodo people, an ethnic and linguistic group of the Brahmaputra valley in the northeast part of India and the illegal immigrants.

Due to this violence 77 people had died and over 4,00,000 people were taking shelter in 270 relief camps, after being displaced from almost 400 villages, states report. But there were even claims that hundreds of Indians had lost their lives.

Even after knowing the troubles caused to the nation due to these illegal Bangladeshi immigrant, few of the political parties have crossed all boundaries of decency after they came to know that 40 lakh voters who are in fact a threat to the nation will be deported from India.

What angers the Indians is the statement of the Congress President Rahul Gandhi.This alleged youth who never uttered a word against the killing of thousand of Kashmiri Pandits, now has come out in open to slam the historic decision of deporting the illegal immigrants.

The man who is mum of Kashmir Pandits’s massacre, had time to even write 3 paragraphs on the deportation of illegal immigrants! Read it below;

The National Register of Citizens (NRC) was initiated by the UPA under Manmohan Singh Ji to fulfil the commitment made in the Assam Accord of 1985. However, the manner in which this exercise has been undertaken by the BJP Governments at the centre and in the State of Assam leaves much to be desired.

There are reports pouring in from all corners of Assam of Indian citizens finding their names missing in the draft NRC, creating massive insecurity in the state. Clearly, after spending close to 1,200 Cr, the execution of this critical and highly sensitive exercise has been tardy. The Government must move swiftly to resolve this crisis.

I appeal to all members of the Congress party to help maintain peace and help all those against whom an injustice has been done in the draft NRC, no matter what their religion, caste, gender, linguistic group or political affiliation.

(Rahul Gandhi had mentioned this on his Facebook wall)

Not just this, the Congress party had held a press conference in which their spokesperson Anand Sharma said

“The government must immediately call a meeting of leaders of all parties and should inform about the steps it proposes to take. Questions have been asked over the methodology being followed in finalising the NRC. It raises question marks on the credibility of the process”.

So the tune of Congress party spokesperson and Rahul Gandhi is matching. The century old party is indeed very kind hearted to the illegal immigrants who smuggle cattle, involve in trafficking of kids, young girls and women. These Bangladeshis are even a security threat to India, but Rahul Gandhi and his men doesn’t trust the government survey.

But the question is, why Rahul Gandhi was’t kind enough on the Kashmiri Pandits? There was no doubt on the Pandits nationality as they weren’t illegal immigrants like that of the Bangladeshis. Even though they lost their homeland, they never involved in riots like few of the so-called misguided youths.

Let us assume that Rahul Gandhi was just 20 year old youth when the Kashmiri Pandits’ massacre took place during 1990s, but now Rahul Gandhi is a 48 year old man. Still he can’t open his mouth on this most cruel massacre since India’s Independence?

Lakhs of Kashmir Pandits had fled from their homeland in the 1990s just to save themselves. Thousands were butchered, women and young girls were raped, their houses looted and plundered. Still the lives of the Pandits has not returned to normalcy. But they have failed to grab Rahul Gandhi’s attention.

If there are 40 lakh illegal immigrants in a small state of Assam which has just below 4 crore population, just imagine the number in West Bengal and other states sharing border or closer to Bangladesh.

report has also stated that in Assam, Muslims make up approximately 33% of Assam’s population and 11 out of 27 districts in the state now contain Muslim majorities. The Bodo leaders have claimed that the these Muslims are using their numbers to levy their  culture and religion  on the native Assamese.

In the 1978 Lok Sabha elections, 45000 illegal immigrants were found in the voter’s list of Assam. Now it might be in crores. But the behavior of Rahul Gandhi symbolizes that he is against the weeding out of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants.

Let us salute the hypocrisy of Rahul Gandhi, who is ready to do anything for vote bank politics.

Source: hafsite.org

Hansika Raj