The “Mission 65 Plus” of Amit Shah which will lead BJP to victory in 2019 Lok Sabha Elections! Do you know what it is?

After the Opposition (Congress+JDS) in Karnataka by their dirty politics have sidelined BJP from power, hopes have increased in the opposition parties to form a united alliance against BJP for 2019 LokSabha Elections. But the bigger question which arises here is, Can this united alliance be problematic for BJP in 2019?

The answer to this question can easily be attained from the positive performance shown by the BJP in Karnataka. BJP has not lost Karnataka infact it has made significant gains in Karnataka. From 40 seats it’s tally has increased to 104 seats and it has emerged as the single largest party making its entry in the southern region of the nation.

Now to ensure its victory further in 2019 the party has to maintain this momentum for which it has already started working on different missions in different regions. Out of the various missions the most important mission for BJP to hit  2019  is “Mission 65 Plus” or “Mission South”. The LallanTop

The five southern Indian states along with one union territory accounts for 130 seats out of the total 545 seats in LokSabha. Right now BJP has just 21 seats in its kitty. Of the 21, 17 are from Karnataka only and rest four from other states. Under the BJP “mission 65” its target is atleast to hit 65 seats out of the total 130 seats for which party has already put its strategy in the place.

In 2014, when BJP won 282 seats, 167 seats were from northern belt only. But as now BJP performance in some of these states can suffer so party has to hit its Mission 65 in south and cover any losses they can face in the Northern Belt.

The game plan of BJP for completing its “Mission 65 Plus”

The southern region includes five states Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and one union territory Puducherry. Let’s have a look at the strategy of BJP. India Today

Telangana- Total LokSabha Seats-17, BJP seats-1, Others -11

In Telangana, the party has tried to change its image by appointing the state party president Dr.K Lakshman belonging to OBC community as Telangana is an OBC dominated state. The party has formulated a well-planned strategy to strengthen it from booth level to the state. According to the state party president from the total 119 constituencies, the plan has been already implemented in 60 constituencies. The party has a plan for going alone rather than seeking any alliance. The face of the party from here can be P Muralidhar Rao who has currently served as election incharge of Karnataka for the party as the leader is also actively involved in Telangana.

Andhra Pradesh – Total LokSabha Seats- 25, BJP’s share-2 Others- 15

With a well-planned strategy for Andhra Pradesh, the party has made the new entrant in BJP, Kanna Lakshmi Narayan as the party president who hails from Kapu Community in Andhra Pradesh. The five times former Congress MLA who has recently joined BJP can help the party in strengthening its position in the state and can also tackle the Chandrababu Naidu led TDP which is now in defensive mode. Moreover, it can also help the party in the formation of an alliance with Jagan Mohan Reddy YSR.

Tamil Nadu- Total LokSabha Seats- 39, BJP -1, Others- 37

In Tamil Nadu BJP won 1 seat in 2014 and now is looking to increase its seats. According to some experts, In Tamil Nadu, BJP’s pre or post poll alliance with the upcoming superstar Rajnikanth’s  party can do wonders for BJP as the other parties in the state are currently not at their best.


Kerala – Total LokSabha Seats-20, BJP-0, Others-0

The party is planning to hit big in the Kerala to dissolve the governance of Left in the nation, as Kerala being  the last region of left front in power. The RSS is working effectively for achieving the mission in the region. It is trying to connect with the people on the ground. Along with that, the BJP is planning to show Tripura like victory in this region.

Puducherry- Total- 1 ,BJP-0, Others -1

In the union territory of Puducherry currently, the Congress is in power. The BJP is in alliance with opposition Rangaswamy’s party AINRC. Here Kiran Bedi has been sent as a Lieutenant Governor. The confrontation between Kiran Bedi and Chief Minister Narayanasamy is quite common. Although the BJP is having some hold in the region but  it is trying to make its footprints strong by completely smashing the Congress rule in the area.

If BJP succeeds in its mission then it will win over the southern region that will contribute largely in winning the 2019 LokSabha Elections. The state of Karnataka has given BJP an edge in the coastal area already setting the stage for win. With this increase, the BJP will be able to spread its foot in coastal areas of other states


Credits: India Today

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