The Most Powerful Man Of India Turns 69 Today! Here Are A Few Lesser Known Facts About PM Modi

Love him or hate him! You can’t deny the fact that Narendra Damodardas Modi is one of the best Prime Ministers India has ever seen. He is known for his powerful mass appeal and extraordinary decision making abilities. Modi has proven himself to be the man of his words by transforming his ideas into vivid reality to help in the growth of our Nation. If you remember when Modi stormed into power in the 2014 elections he delivered a strong message “We are not here for any positions but for responsibility”, it won’t be wrong to say that he is still keeping his words.

Today, our beloved Prime Minister Modi turns 69 and here are a few lesser known facts about Modi.

  • Modi was a determined young boy

Although Modi grew up in poverty and lived in a one-room house with his parents, he was very particular about his dress and made sure his uniform was always crisp. Modi used to iron his uniform using a metal tumbler filled with hot water. He used to appear well-groomed and it is said that he used to whiten his shoes gifted by his uncle using a chalk.

  • Young Modi dreamed of joining the army

As a child, Modi wanted to serve the country by joining army. He wanted to study in the Sainik school located near Jamnagar. But, his dream could not be fulfilled as he had no money to pay the fees.

  • Modi wrote a play during his school days

‘Peelu Phool’ was the name of the play written by Modi. Modi wrote this play after he witnessed a priest yelling at an untouchable woman. The play was regarding the dilemma of a woman who could not enter the temple for being an untouchable. It is said that Modi himself comes from a low caste of Teli Ganchi.

  • Young Modi was fearless

Young and courageous Modi loved to play with crocodiles. He once swam through the crocodile-infested lake to hoist a flag on top of a temple. Also, Modi once brought a baby crocodile home but had to put it back in the lake as his mother objected the move. That is not it, brave Modi once climbed a tree with a razor between his teeth to save a bird entangled in kite strings.

  • Modi and the Kabaddi match

An intra school Kabaddi match was held in Modi’s school between two teams one of which had younger players and was known to lose every time. Modi was asked to develop a strategy for the team with younger players. He studied the tactics of the opposite team and noticed their winning moves after which he trained his own team accordingly. Modi’s team won the match. This characteristic of Modi can still be seen as he is known for studying the agenda of the opposition parties and using it against them.

  • Modi studied in the US for 3 months

Not many know that Modi took up a three months course on Image Management and Public Relations in the United States.

  • Modi- A Nomad

Narendra Modi decided to leave home at the age of 17 and began travelling. During his travel he came across various cultures of India and also met different people. He also visited Himalayas and spent almost two years as a Sanyasi with Yogic Sadhus.

  • Did you know Modi was once denied visa by the US?

Yes, you read that right! In the year 2005, USA denied visa to Modi as he had failed to curb the communal riots in Gujarat in 2002. But the irony is that the country which once denied him the visa is now putting up huge billboards to welcome him to their country.

  • Mother’s first advice to Modi

It is said that when Narendra Modi became the Chief Minister of Gujarat , his mother said “Beta, kadi lanch na leis” (Son, never take a bribe) PM Modi is still seen following this piece of advice by his mother.

  • Techno-savvy leader- Modi

Narendra Modi is said to be active on all the social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and many more.

  • “India is a land of the mouse” – Modi

When PM Modi visited Taiwan, someone asked him whether India was the land of snake charmers , to which he replied India is now a land of the mouse. (Here mouse refers to the computer mouse)

  • Modi considers Swami Vivekananada as his Guru

Narendra Modi is a devoted follower of Swami Vivekananda and it is said that he has read almost all the books regarding Swami Vivekananda.

Narendra Modi was born poor but refused to stay the same way. He is a self made man with dynamic visions for his country. The popularity of Modi is immense and he is now the second most followed politician in the world. Here’s wishing Prime Minister Narendra Modi, A very Happy Birthday!

Sharanya Alva