The “Mrs Gandhi” named by Christian Michel in Agusta Westland scam is most likely ‘THE Sonia Gandhi ‘ of Congress says Christian Michel’s lawyer!

In what can be called a massive blow to Congress in Agusta Westland Scam, the lawyer of Christian Michel has made a startling revelation about the names Christian Michel has penned down in his book.

The Agusta Westland deal which turned out to be a massive scam during the Congress rule had revealed that many politicians including top leaders, ministers and defence officials which brought huge humiliation to the country. Christian Michel who was the middle man in the scam is said to have received huge kickbacks for helping the Congress government strike the deal. The Congress leaders also have said to have received kickbacks which was again revealed by Christian Michel.

After Christian Michel was extradited to India, the CBI has been investigating him and the people who were involved in the getting kickbacks. However, the CBI had complained to the court that Michel was not co-operating with the investigation and was being arrogant.

When Republic TV’s Arnab Goswami questioned about as to why the alleged middleman in the Augusta case was not co-operating with the Indian authorities, Michel’s lawyer, Patrizi tried to shift the blame on the CBI and investigative agencies.

“No, it is not true. He is co-operating. The police, CBI and agencies are not doing their work properly. Today we will convey to the judge that we are not happy about the interrogation happening in the CBI headquarters. There are many ways to get the truth. But there are ways that are not allowed. He is getting a bad time. They are pushing him very hard. That is why I am here to talk about human rights,” she said.

After being told that Christian Michel told CBI that his father was very close to the Gandhi family, and had contact with Indira Gandhi, Patrizi responded by saying that the relation between son-father was not good.

“I have already told you Christian Michel had a very bad relationship with his father. They don’t get along together maybe because of different way of thinking, difference of views. You cannot say that Michel’s father was friends with them, so Michel was also a friend. So this is not a point. His father was a different man. Michel is innocent, and the court of Milan found no evidence against him. So I will fight till the end of the world for him,” she added.

“This is a normal information. I could say these myself. She would not fly anymore, she would not fly in any of these helicopters (Mi8). So that’s why they did a tender. They wanted a safe helicopter. I know that they wanted VVIP helicopter. I don’t know who was the Prime Minister at that time. Maybe it was Mrs Gandhi, I don’t know,” before stating that Mrs. Gandhi could well be Sonia Gandhi.

So, now the lawyer of Christian Michel’s lawyer itself has conceded that Mrs Gandhi mentioned by him could be Sonia Gandhi of Congress herself which has almost blown the lid away.

Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi who are always protected by the media lobby and the ecosystem will now have to come out and clarify as to what were role in Agusta Westland and why exactly was her name mentioned by Christian Michel. They can no longer hide themselves in their VVIP bungalow fooling people with their rhetoric of being victimized.

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