The Mamaleswar Mahadev Temple which was created 5000 years ago by the Pandavas has Akhand Dhuni (fire) burning since the Mahabharata time!

Temple also houses a single grain of wheat weighing around 150-200 gms

India is a land of mysteries. Our culture and history includes many such mysteries that one would be amazed of. Indian temples lying in the different regions of nation are filled with so many such mysteries that even scientists after researching for many years are not able to decode them.

Today I am going to tell you about the mysterious temple situated in village named Mamel in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. Created 5000 year ago, by the Pandavas during their exile period Mamaleswar Mahadev Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. This temple witnessed all Yugs Satyuga, Treta,Dwapar and now Kalyug

The single grain of wheat weighing around 150 gms

The temple has beautiful wooden work carved on its wooden pillars and is famous for a single grain of wheat weighing around 150-200 gms. Sounds strange!! But yes, this is true. This grain came in to eye during excavation work in temple premises. You can visit temple anytime and see that grain.

Akhand Dhuni (fire) burning in the temple campus, from the Mahabharat period continuously

Another mystery surrounding temple that till date no one is able to decode is an Akhand Dhuni (fire) burning in the temple campus, from the Mahabharat period continuously.

The story related to this Akhand Kund goes as follows….

A demon was living nearby the village in a cave. In order to save them from the fury of demon people of village were bound to send one person daily as a food for him. One day a mother was wiping because today was the turn of her son. Pandavas at that time were the guest of that house. Bhim, one of the Pandavas told the mother not to worry. He said he will go to the Demon. In the battle with demon, Bhim killed him and came back. For the bravery and the memory of this event the villagers lighted the fire which is continuously burning till then.

In the temple you can see several things related to Pandavas such as the ropes of ancient time, exemplary artwork on woods and stones. This proves that the Mahabharata is not a fictional story. There is also a drum in the temple which is referred to as drum of Bhima. It is said that Bhima used to play this drum. All the items found in this temple have been examined by the Archaeologists of India and they have confirmed that all these items are about five thousand years old.

Statue of Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati in the temple

Another attraction in the temple is a statue of Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati in this temple.This statue is made up of metal whose name is Asht Dhatu. This temple is also special because here Lord Shiva is worshiped along with his full family.


Beauty of Karsog valley where the temple is situated

At the end of Himyuga (ice age), the earth had internal movement due to which severe landslides took place at “Kinner Kailash”. The Kinners left the place and came to this village.

At that time sage Bhrigu was in meditation. Sage Bhrigu, married a Kinner girl named Mamlisa. Two girl children were born to him. The two girl children were named Imla and Bimla. Due to the curse of some sages both girls became two rivers. It is said that due to these two rivers the land of Karsog became fertile and created this beautiful valley that never faced any famine till date.

Karsog valley is known for its ethereal beauty and openness. There are many apple orchards and dense forest of pine and cedar. There are also many other temples worth seeing in Karsog valley namely Munag Temple, Kamkshya temple, Shikari devi temple, and a seven storied historical Pargana fort, completely made out of wood. Pargana fort is famous for its architecture and its wooden carvings.

India has many such beautiful and mysterious places where the evidence related to all the characters of our mythology is found. But still in India there is a group of so called “Elite Class” who makes fun of our Puranas and Vedas and refer them as only fictional

Their eyes are blindfolded that they can’t even see the things happening in real. Well, whether they believe or not, other should rejoice the beautiful India.

Source : Postcard Hindi