The only party in India that oppose the bravery of Indian Armed Force is the Congress party! Here’s who said it

The Dynasty family gradually being trapped with its wicked mentality and foreigner attitude towards India, does not seem to be giving up though its reality is out to the world now. Congress is against every positive thing taking place in the country, may it be Anti-Corruption or Anti- Pakistan move. It has yet again repeated spitting venom and this time it is against the Indian Army!

But here’s one man who came out in support of our Army men and that’s our very own PM. In a staunching attack on the Congress party and the Opposition for questioning the celebration of ‘surgical strike’, PM Narendra Modi has said that ‘Anti-India opposition is engrained in Congress’ character’.

While interacting with the Bhartiya Janata Party workers from five different states, he said,

“Even today, the Congress questions the surgical strikes. Congress opposes the government and the forces. They oppose the bravery of the forces. While opposing the government, they are opposing the nation. The ‘anti-India opposition’ is engrained in Congress’ character.

As he went on to talk further, the PM also accused the main opposition party of lying to the nation on various issues. Well a few scams, a few blunders and a few corruption cases have been a feather on the crown of Congress and they take pride to flaunt it.

“Everyone knows the ecosystem made by Congress. They claim that Sardar Patel statue is ‘made in China. To hide their shameless and lie, they stooped to this level. There is a long list of their lies. They are lying to the people of India. The workers have to become more creative and be more aware.”

His attack comes in the wake of a strong opposition put out by Congress relating to the celebration of surgical strikes. Earlier this month, when a circular was issued by the UGC, advising the colleges and universities in the country to celebrate the ‘Surgical Strike Day’, it was the Congress along with other opposition parties who attacked the government.

Many among the Opposition have come forward to oppose this celebration, terming it a waste of time. And have also told that it is not necessary. It is rather doubtful, do these people actually belong to India?  Or are they from Pakistan?

Well, Congress has a issue with PM Modi and his party in each and every move taken by them. Every positive decision in favour of the nation, is a must oppose by the Opposition. They never took interest to respect the sacrifices by the Army and make sure others do not do it as well. In a repeated attempt the Congress has been disrespecting our protectors.

Source: Republic World



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