The passion of “Mountain Man” that has even outwitted the greatest epitome of Love TajMahal

Love is the most treasured feeling. In today’s world full of corruptness and selfishness rarely there is anyone who understands what true Love is. The love is such a feeling that can never be described or defined. It can be only felt by the heart. It’s when something hits you deep down directly at your heart.

One such story that has directly touched my heart expressing the pure love is of poor labourer Dashrath Manjhi. The whole world knows the story of Taj Mahal. It is considered as the greatest epitome of love. But does anyone know about Dashrath Manjhi? This man has set such an example of love that has even challenged the Taj Mahal.

Dashrath Manji, A man “one” in many without any power, without any resources single-handedly has built the epitome of love. One can see the manifestation of this pure feeling of love and trust into a wonderful structure built by him.

This whole story dates back to 1960, took place in the Gehlour village near Gaya district in Bihar. The Gehlour hills are a low-but-treacherous spine of mountainous terrain that once divided the settlements and services on either side. In fact, many villagers from Manjhi’s town had to trek for miles around the hills just to reach their fields and schools. However, this all changed with the tragic death of Manjhi’s wife, Falguni Devi.

One day, Falguni, who was pregnant, was taking lunch for her husband to the fields, for which she needed to climb the mountain in the scorching heat.  Unfortunately, Falguni’s foot got slipped and she fell down from the mountain, while hungry Dashrath was waiting for the food. Then someone from the village alerted Dashrath that his wife has fallen down from the mountain

Dashrath runs into panic and immediately ran towards her. The villagers had to travel 70 kilometres to reach to the nearest town to get medical attention. He took her blood-splattered wife to the hospital where she was declared brought dead.

This was the tragic movement of Dashrath’s life where in 1 minute he died thousand times. That was the point of time when he decided that he will not let anyone suffer as he has suffered. With strong determination and willpower, he decided that he would carve the path out of the mountains that would make the life of everyone easier. He has to break that every mountain which has come on the way of his wife leading her to death.

With only a hammer and chisel in his hand, he started his journey. He began chipping away at one of the hills, hellbent on creating a road that would service his village and others like it. People instead of supporting him started making fun of him but this never shattered him instead made him more strong in his mission to move the mountains.

It took total 22 years for Manjhi to create a path but he never left hope and kept on working. The path is 360 foot long and 25 foot deep. When the path was completed his wife was not with him at this time but Manjhi says that “ He is very happy and there is a sense of fulfilment in him that he has made the life of others easier. Now no one in his village has to suffer”. The distance of Wazirganj from Gehlaur which was earlier 70 Kilometers has now been reduced to mere 15 kilometres by the ultimate sacrifice and love of Dashrath Manjhi.

The same people who earlier made fun of Manjhi now whole heartedly thank him for making their lives easier. For his achievement, Manjhi became popularly known as the ‘Mountain Man’. He became the hero of folk songs He was also awarded by the Bihar Government for his tremendous work. He was nominated for Padma Shri and a hospital was also proposed in his name for serving the villagers.


In the year 2007, Manjhi left the world at the age of 73, but his story still remains between all of us which will be an inspiring lesson for many coming generations. Dasharath  Manjhi,  the legend is an excellent example of human determination and passion. His passion, which started from love, did not stop until the mountain was ruptured and the path was created from it, It is his passion that has prompted the people that if a person is determined to achieve something in life, Nothing is impossible.

Big salute to the man who moved the mountains !!!

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