The ‘Peacefuls’ pelt stone on the Navratri procession, destroy Hanuman idol! Yet, it is the Hindu, who is intolerant!

Justice (Retd.) Suhail Aizaz Siddiqui, then Chairman of National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions, has once announced himself a moderate philosopher who believes in Islam’s coexistence with all other faiths. Justice Siddiqui had said that Muslims need to learn to live in coexistence with the rest of the world and unless they learn to do so, there can be no peace and prosperity in the muslim community.

He had said that while he was moving ahead in his career, no Muslim helped him in fact, they tried to drag him back, but the Hindus in his circle helped him and brought him to the position he is on now.

“Unless Muslims learn to work and live together with Hindus, they cannot prosper”, was his opinion.

Justice Siddiqui always referred Hindus as a secular community. He used to say, If there is any community that can ensure Muslim security, it is the Hindus. “Muslims should mingle with the Hindus and participate in their festivals”

Even Justice Siddiqui had expressed concern of moderate Muslims turning to become radicals. And his concern is now being proved correct! Yes they took his words partially, and are taking part in festivals, but not to celebrate but to pelt stones on the processions and to break hindu idols.

A video captured by a member of the Durga Puja procession of Balrampur, UP is going viral in social media.

In the video a large mob including individuals wearing skull caps can be seen pelting heavy stones at the mini-truck which was part of the procession.

One can also see the mosque towers a few metres away from the vehicle and an injured individual lying on the ground.

As per the reports,

The Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) from Balrampur informed that the procession was attacked after it reached near the mosque.

The procession was playing the customary DJ music which was not switched off after reaching the Mosque, which aggravated the residents.

After the incident was brought to the attention of the Balrampur Police, the official twitter account of the authorities informed the public that it has arrested eight people in connection with the matter, and they have been booked under stringent sections of the law.

The Additional Superintendent has said that the attack on the Visarjan procession might not have been spontaneous and the Muslim community may have been prepared with stones from before, in wait of the procession.

So a ‘darahua’ community, keeps stones ready in wait of the procession and pelts stone giving a reason of DJ music being played even while passing in front of Mosque. When the same community play Azaan 5 times a day, it becomes secular, and a procession music carrying durga aggravates them and they start pelting stones.

This is not the only incident,just 6 days backs, in another shocking incident, a Muslim mob resorted to stone-pelting against Hindu devotees, who were taking out a procession to a local temple to replace the broken Hanuman idol.

The incident took place at Vishnoiwala village of Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh. Seven people have been injured in the violent attack.

According to the reports, about three months ago, the idol of Hanuman at a temple near Krutonangali Marg was broken by some anti-social elements. However, the villagers had not complained about the incident then.

The villagers of Vishnoiwala had arranged for a procession carrying the new Hanuman idol to the temple premises. Hundreds of devotees of Vishnoiwala were on their way to install the idol at the old temple.

According to the reports, a Muslim mob blocked the Hindu devotees and objected to the installation of new idol.

However, the Hindu devotees proceeded after explaining to them. The Muslim mob were allegedly upset over the procession and began to pelt stones at Hindus, injuring at least seven devotees. During the attack, the statue was also damaged.

The police officials who reached the spot immediately on receiving the information, calmed down the situation. The Hindu organizations and villagers expressed strong opposition to the incident.

Reportedly, the police also brought the new idol with the help of villagers and assured that it will be installed.

So in ‘Hindustan’, devotees need police protection to carry out their celebration. And the silence of liberals and so called seculars is drilling every nationalists emotion. As a Hindu, we never often see these kind of behaviour. People who term India as ‘Lynchistan’ and project Hindus as extremists and terrorist, forget to raise their voice when these incidents take place.

Looking at these incidents, its only proper to push the ‘Uniform Civil Code’ which would to some extent will balance, and deliver justice to hindu community.

Dr. Sindhu Prashanth



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