The pride of India, nightmare of the enemy: RAW; Every Indian should know of this secret service

When we hear the name RAW, it is sure that we will get Goosebumps. Yes, Research and Analytical Wing (RAW) is an organisation that challenges and threatens ‘death’. The agents of RAW are overflowing with patriotism. They never mind which territory they are standing in but it is sure that they will chop off the enemy head. RAW is also known as India’s external intelligence agency. They penetrate miles into enemy territories and pass on vital information to India.

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  • The motto of RAW is “Dharmo Rakshathi Rakshitaha”; Dharma destroys those who destroy it, Dharma protects those who protect it. Dharma does not destroy and cannot be destroyed. Here dharma is the nation.
  • Research and Analysis Wing, India’s top external intelligence agency, was created after the India-China war in 1962 and India-Pakistan war in 1965.  R N Kao was the first RAW chief. He was born in Benares, North India, in 1918 into a prosperous Kashmiri Brahmin household.
  • The RAW agents are not only trained in India but are sent to other parts of the world. USA, UK and Israel are some of the nations where the young trainees are sent to become the best. Various skills will be acquired by these especially Krav Maga, a form of self-defence and physical training, first developed by the Israeli army in the 1940s, based on the use of reflexive responses to threatening situations.
  • Pakistan had launched a secret mission ‘Ababeel’ in order to capture the Saltoro ridge but India knew this in advance. Immediately the Indian Army launched the operation ‘Megdoot’ and the Pakistan’s intension didn’t succeed as the Indian Army prevented them from entering our territory. And the credit goes to the RAW as it had informed India in advance.
  • Those who were in Indian Police Services, IB (Intelligence Bureau), and Indian Military or Revenue department had the chances to get into RAW but now it has changed. There are instances that even a common man got a chance to get into RAW. Ravinder Kaushik is one such incident where he was picked up into RAW even though he didn’t have any military back ground. Every Indian should read his story.Image result for RAw india quora
  • The RAW had put Pakistan into shame by tapping the phone calls between Pakistan Army Chief Parvez Musharaf and his chief of staff Lt Gen Mohammed Aziz. This clearly proved that Pakistan was the one who attacked India. Before the interception of this conversation, Pakistan refused any links to the Kargil war.
  • RAW has got many special powers; RAW isn’t answerable to parliament of India on any issue and even RAW is kept out of Right To information (RTI).
  • RAW played a key role in maintaining the secrecy of the first nuclear test by India in 1974. It was in fact, such a secret mission that even the intelligence agencies of countries like China and USA were unaware of any such activity by India.
  • If this operation was carried out successfully, then Pakistan would never try to attack India. Yes, the RAW had planned out the operation “Kahuta” with the help of Israel and had entered into Pakistan to destroy nuclear reactors. But India had a traitor within, who informed Pakistan’s then President Zia-Ul-Haq. It was the then Prime Minister Morarji Desai who cheated India.


Nishika Ram