The puppet of Pakistani Army and the terrorism fan Imran Khan is all set to become the new PM of Pakistan! Will this lead to a new war between India and Pak?

Talking about the alleged sham of an election that has been conducted in Pakistan where former cricketer Imran Khan’s PTI party appears set to emerge as the biggest party amid widespread reports of rigging. The arising question at Pakistan voting for terror and India having its greatest treat by this Pakistani PM and terrorist supporter !!

The new sensational treat to India, Cricketer turned politician Imran Khan is said to be in good books of Pakistan Army. Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI) is the one party that has openly supported the idea of opening channels of dialogue with jihadi outfits in Pakistan.

The PTI Leader is also widely termed as the “Taliban Khan”, as he is known to be funding the terrorist activities in Pakistan against India. Without laying back and giving a tough competition to any other Pakistani politician, Imran has also spoken against India. Holding his good image in front of Pakistan Army, has backed the jihadi groups.

While we have no second thoughts that the former Pakistan cricket team captain is straight driving his way into hearts of the Pakistani Awaam ( the common people). Imran Khan can make things complicated for India if his PTI party manages to defy the odds and reign supreme after the poll-verdict.

Responding to the MML contesting Pakistan general elections, the US state department recently said, “We have repeatedly expressed our concerns to the Pakistani government about LeT, including the participation of LeT-affiliated individuals in the elections.” The US state department had previously in April this year amended its Foreign Terrorist Organisation (FTO) list by changing description of the LeT to add the MML as a “Lashkar alias”.

Whether it is Military or Imran Khan or docile civilian Govt they have only one agenda-i.e Hate and harm India-As earlier we should always be vigilant-for that we require a strong leadership. This is one more reason why we should give thumping majority to Modi

Imran Khan in particular has used “India” to paint Nawaz Sharif on a darker side of the story. The Anti-Indian ideology and allegations he showcases to the people of Pakistan indeed reveal the mindset of the man. His close lieutenants have been openly hobnobbing with international terrorists and defending their association with them.

Instead of harbouring foolish hopes that the next government in Islamabad will be a partner in peace, India needs to prepare for more of the same inimicalness that it has experienced over the last 70 years.

India could see a spike in terrorism given the deep inroads that radical Islamists have made in Pakistani politics. In other words, India must not waste time hoping for the best and it would be better served by preparing for the worst. From this side of the border; Mani Sankar Aiyaar and Sashi Tharoor might be among the people who are likely to be invited for coronation of Imran Khan!

As Pakistan Votes For Terror, Indian Army issues a stern warning!! India’s Northern Army Commander Lt Gen Ranbir Singh has given an uncompromising warning to Pakistan. 

Addressing media after paying tribute to martyrs on the occasion of Kargil Vijay Diwas at Drass in Kargil, Lt Gen Ranbir Singh was asked about reports of the involvement of Pakistan’s Army and the ISI in the Pakistan elections and the loud statements being made by Imran Khan. Lt Gen Ranbir Singh said:

“As far as the internal situation in Pakistan is concerned I think we’ll leave it to the Pakistan authorities and the Pakistan population to be able to see as to how to handle the challenges inside their country.”

“But with regard to your specific query about should there be any challenges to the Indian Army or along the Line of Control, I’d just want to take this platform to tell you that the Indian Army is prepared for any contingency. Any type of movement or misadventure that our adversary tries to undertake, they will be given a befitting response as always. So be very very sure that the Army is fully trained, equipped, motivated and always prepared to take on any contingency.”

It’s now past midnight & I haven’t received official results from any constituency I am contesting my myself. My candidates complaining polling agents have been thrown out of polling stations across the country. Inexcusable & outrageous.

Even as Imran Khan’s Party appears set to become the single-largest party in the country, the ruling PML-Nawaz has rejected the result, while the PPP has also joined in by questioning why the mandatory Form 45 on which election results are provided at a constituency-level haven’t been provided with a blank paper being used in their place.

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