“The Quint” does it again! After praising terrorist Osama Bin Laden, now it praises another terrorist who was killed by the Indian Army

News agencies and the Main stream media (MSM) in the present era are into the business of creating news and presenting fake news in such a manner that people are forced to believe these propagated news as true.

In today’s time, if you create controversy then you gain the whole amount of attention and that is what they are up to. These are just tips and tricks of the trade to gain popularity. They don’t care about the dignity of the country or anyone else. It is only about fame and money that matters these days.

One such website trying its hand in such strategies is “The Quint”… This website has its eternal love towards Anti-Indian ideologies. Carrying forward its mere business of cheating the ethics of journalism, it has yet again repeated the same.

The Quint is back professing eternal love for the terrorists. Earlier same portal was responsible for d suicide of a Jawan &has been leading in attacking Hindu Festivals. Same Quint was in forefront who published fake news of semen filled balloons

What’s the Deal..

The Quint has even tried to sabotage Kulbhushan Jadhav case before this. This website “Quint” is the real Pro- Pakistan media and has left even NDTV behind in the race following its cheap journalism. They have also claimed that, notable terrorist Mohammed Rafi Bhat was a humble and a soft-spoken scholar. He had accidentally fallen into the trap of terrorism? Really? Once into crime, no criminal can be termed innocent and humble. Because he is responsible for the death of many innocent lives.

Their second attempt was to celebrate Osama Bin Laden’s death anniversary by briefing his life story? From when did we start telling life stories of terrorists and criminals. This respect is only reserved for the ones who have served the nation being absolute selfless.

People are speechless. I literally do not know how to react and what to say on hearing this news. “The Quint” you people are absolute shameless. Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai and Sagarika Ghose, what do you’ll have to say on this? Anyone of you condemning this? Or do you all have anything at all to say… do you only find Terrorists humble n innocent?

Journalism in India today is nothing but has resulted into a mere Mafia, which is involved in extortion, blackmailing and all sorts of Anti-national and Anti-Indian activities. It is amazing how FRONT PAGE NEWS is especially reserved for spreading hatred against the Hindus. It is the strategy that they use to spread hatred against the Hindus in this country. Their absolute happiness is spreading love for the minorities and appeasing their godfathers.

The Quint telling that Terrorist Rafi Bhat was humble, soft spoken etc. Well, Quint should also tell about humbleness of Army Soldier Roy Mathew who committed Suicide due to Quint report. The Quint have blood of Jawans on their hands. They’ve no right to talk on National Security

Welcome and engage with journalists. Yes, what about fake Pro-Pak and anti-national motivated sold out biased presstitutes? These people deserve no respect from any true Indian.

These people deserve punishment right from the people who are cheated with fake news and not from the law of the court. Because it is the people whose trust is broken and not the law. Of course not following the ethics of journalism is an added crime, which deserves severe punishment as any other crime.

Gone are those times when journalists and reporters used to work for sincerity and lend justice to their profession. Journalism was something purely based on making actual news reach the citizens and en-rooting criminals. Presently journalism is under the control of top most politicians of Congress dynasty and the underworld mafia.



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