Rape videos being sold starting from Rs Fifty: Where are we heading?

India which is known for its tradition of respecting women more than anywhere in the world, today seems to have lost the culture. Our men were taught to respect women, care for them and protect them. But today it seems like our youth have lost values of relations, respect and culture which is the soul of our country. Increasing rapes, molestation, abduction of women have increased notably. The sad state is, rapes have now turned out to be a huge business for anti-social elements. The gang rapes happening across UP are not mere co-incidence but are well planned attacks which are being recorded and sold for money.

The racket is flourishing right under the police and local administration. The videos are being sold from Rupees fifty to thousands depending on the length of the videos. The dealers sell the clips only when accompanied with trusted customers but it”™s being sold rampantly in almost all shops in Agra market. They are downloaded to customers mobile or pen drives and passed on to others.

According to TOI, in one of the horrifying clip, two men have pinned down a girl, who looks like she is in her early 20s. Her boyfriend is being beaten up. “Maaf karo, maaf karo (Spare me)” he is crying. The girl pleads, “Kam se kam, video toh mat utaaro (At least don’t shoot a video)”

The videos are later used to threaten the girl and to stop them from going to police. It”™s a sad state that the government and police are unable to clamp these horrific acts. But does anyone care?? Mulayam Singh Yadav went to an extent of supporting and endorsing rapes claiming “Boys will be boys”.

Congress woman, Renuka Chaudhary has shamed the nation saying “Rape to chalti hi rehte hain”. Would she say the same if her daughter was the victim?? Does politics make you a demon?

A failed justice system which could not punish rapists in Nirbhaya”™s case, the slain girl who died 5 years back in a most dreadful way a person could die, still hasn”™t got justice. Do common people have a place to go for justice?? What should we feel proud about when our system cannot not deliver justice to one innocent girl??

Aishwarya S