The Real Reason: Why did Shri Krishna have 16108 wives!

Hinduism is the most targeted religion in the world. This may be due to the fact that the religion truly believes in the principle peace. Pakistani agent & secular dimwit Prashant Bhushan termed Lord Krishna as an eve teaser. Bhushan has made obnoxious comments against the Hindu Religion and the nation. Hindus are the most tolerant race in the world. We generally don’t make fun of people from other religions.

Hindus believe that Shri Krishna had 16108 wives. People who have often mocked at the number of wives, Shri Krishna had, need to know the real story. Hinduism is about facts and has nothing to do with mythology. A few people are aware about the real facts. Yes, the number is large. The people who have read the Bhagwat Purana know the life of Shri Krishna thoroughly.

There has been a false narrative presented by many Hindu haters. People must not blindly believe the distorted stories presented by evangelists, Marxists and others who have constantly questioned the great religion. These ‘folk tales’ have nothing to do with reality.

Shri Krishna was a king during the Dwapara Yuga. Polygamy was a common practice then. Shri Krishna had 8 wives namely: Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambavati,Neela, Kalindi, Mitravinda, Bhadra and Lakshana. During that time, Narakasura captured 16,100 beautiful unmarried girls and treated them as sex slaves.

Shri Krishna fought Narakasura and defeated the demon. All the 16,100 girls were freed. But, the society was not ready to accept them. Even their family was not ready to accept them as they had been labeled as sex slaves. The girls were dejected & had decided to end their lives by committing suicide.

Shri Krishna married them so that they would not end their lives. Shri Krishna wanted to restore their honor and raise their status in the society to that of a queen. The supreme intention was to save 16,100 lives & ensure that all of them were respected.

Ignorance has no limits. You would have heard many such stories. There is another story of Shri Krishna that Hindu haters mock -the story of Shri Krishna’s raasleela. The Bhagwat Geeta states that Shri Krishna left for Mathura at the age of 10, and never returned to Vrindavan again. The stories of Raasleela are all from the Vrindavan, which means that the age of Shri Krishna was 8-9 years.

The events cannot be termed as eve-teasing. They should be labelled as mischief by a young boy. If you look back at the Mahabharata, it was Shri Krishna who rescued Draupadi when she was being humiliated by the Kauravas.

Even the 5 pandavas remained silent. Bhishma & Dronacharya were also silent spectators. It was Shri Krishna who had saved Draupadi & restored her honour.

People have the right to learn, relearn the Hindu Shastras. Before mocking or making fun of anything, people must first get their facts right. Our Hindu Gods & Goddesses have been constantly targeted, because a majority of us choose to be ignorant. In some cases, we choose not to speak up. The conclusion is that we need to delve into the ancient Hindu scriptures & Shastras, so that we don’t give anyone the opportunity to target the great religion.

Credit & Source: Ramesh Thapa

Alok Shetty