The Secret of Vipassana

Politics has introduced many unconventional words into daily life, the very new word trending in the world of politics is VIPASSANA!
It all started with Rahul Gandhi”™s 56 days break where he disappeared to an unknown location for almost 2 months. Where did he go, what did he do, nobody knows but the name given to his disappearance was called Vipassana break. People at one of point of time really thought if Rahul Gandhi had changed, but his recent cat nap in parliament which was termed as Vipassana by his party members would give a clear answer of his Vipassana skills. It poses questions on whether this was just a gimmick planned to run an episode of “˜Intolerant India”™ with the help of foreign funding which started soon after his return??
Question is why Rahul Gandhi and congress who have time and again opposed the idea of implementing Yoga calling it saffronisation and spearheading the campaign against it would endorse Vipassana all of a sudden? An issue which needs more inspection!
Now after Rahul Gandhi it is Arvind Kejriwal”™s turn to take Vipasana training. Kejriwal on August 1st joined a 10 day meditation camp in Dharamkot, upper Dharamsala. This is not the first time that Kejriwal has taken break when he is in office. During this time, nobody is allowed to meet Kejriwal including his security officers. There is absolutely no information given to anyone about Kejriwal”™s activities.
It makes one wonder what exactly is the secret behind these Vipassana camps?? Is it a safety bunker above ground where one plans the political strategy? Every time these men return from Vipassana camps there are many unusual developments. The story of intolerance was scripted by many anti India organizations, NGO”™s, intellectuals abroad who wanted to malign the government and India to win their political battles, which was unfortunately fuelled by our own people. The main idea was to damage India”™s reputation in the global level building fake stories which would mainly affect “˜Make in India”™, Foreign Direct Investments and ultimately dent the Indian economy.
Kejriwal who complaints about Modi doing Yoga once a year should first look at a mirror. The Prime Minister hasn”™t taken a single day leave in his two year period in office, but this is the second time after assuming office Kejriwal has taken time off for his comforts. Interestingly nobody knows who is paying bills for his 5-star treatment. Advocate Vivek Garg had filed an RTI query seeking explanation on expenses during his stay in Jindal Nature Cure Institute for naturopathy treatment, but strangely the RTI report says there exists no record of his bills.
It”™ shameful that these people are misusing Vipassana which happens to be a yogic concept of understanding the inner truth. Its better they call their dirty tricks Politics than murdering the concept of Vipassana!

Aishwarya S