The Secret Power Of Mantras! Know The Benefits Of Chanting Mantras On A Daily Basis!

Mantras are the revelation of ancient secrets that have been kept sacred from several ages, secrets that continue to benefit humanity irrespective of its circumstances. Mantras are impulses or rhythms of the consciousness. They create vibrations in the spirit. Their effects, influence, method and mode of working are all a mystery.

In Sanskrit, it is said, Manana trayate iti mantra which means Mantra is that which saves you from repetitiveness. A repetitive thought is a worry and mantras help to free you from your worries.

Mantra is a series of phrases or words that are sung or chanted during meditation. Mantra meditation uses dedicated words to achieve the user’s goals. Mantra provides an array of spiritual, mental, and physical healing for the practitioner.

With the recitation of a mantra, the mind immediately focuses on a single thought leading to  awareness beyond the mind. Also effortlessness meditation is enhanced even while doing mundane chores.

When people think of mantra meditation, the first phrase that comes to mind is “Om”. Om is an ancient Hindu word that means, ‘It is’ or ‘To become’. When we chant the mantras, or listen to them, we get purity of mind and word. This prepares us for meditation. As a result of the sound vibrations, different patterns of the mind re-arrange themselves to become tranquil. Agitation is reduced, helping us to turn inward.

Every time we chant our mantra, we are invoking the presence of our Guru. An enlightened master’s presence in our lives is protecting, nurturing and guiding and gradually, our own consciousness becomes the presence of the master. Every time we chant our mantra, we are invoking the presence of our Guru.

Through chanting the mantra, we begin to tune into the inherent vibrations within the mantra and in alignment with those higher vibrations, our mind also perceives thoughts from a higher place. By chanting the mantras, our inner journey to Source/God has begun. Slowly we begin to realize our breath becoming deeper and slower thereby utilizing more of our lungs. This is a natural process that reciting a mantra accomplishes. With enhanced breathing, our mind also thinks optimally from the center of harmony.

All mantras have intense physical benefits too, it is said they relieve stress and regulate heart rate.Chanting increases immune functions and lower blood pressure. The sound of the mantra literally drowns out the negative voices in our heads. When the negative thoughts are suppressed, the mind has room for positive thoughts.

Mantras also ease fear as people with phobias often adapt mantras to center on during times of fear.

The more we chant the mantra, the more potent and powerful the mantra becomes. As we chant the mantra over longer periods of time and over the years, we realize the mantra’s effect on reality in daily miracles and its potency in realities caused. With time, the mantras we constantly recite get matured.

As they say, Antarmukhi Sada Sukhi which means one whose mind is turned inward is ever in bliss. Mantras are the tools which allow the mind to dissolve and repose in the Self.

Sharanya Alva


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