The so called fake news buster is being funded by biggest enemy of India Arundhati Roy?

It is a well known fact that the Anti India brigade is being heavily funded to rage war against India. Their main intention is to create a fake perception in the country about minorities being threatened, dalits being harassed under Modi government and ultimately malign the country in the international platforms. One may wonder what benefit would these people achieve by maligning India. But the fact is, the international agencies which are mostly Christian Missionaries and Islamic organisation who fund these people want India to be destabilized with internal fights, civil wars and caste divide, so as to the country fails in overall progress.

The foreign investment will be hit, the economy will fail and the youths may fall into unemployment which will only benefit the enemy countries. And this is exactly what the left ideologists would want to see. The failure of democracy and implementation of Marxist rule.

Arundhati Roy is one of the most prominent leaders of this Tukde Tukde Gang which is desperately raging war against India. She is the first one to malign India on International platform saying that Indian Army was committing crimes against Kashmiris. This lady who is so fond of terrorists and Naxals doesn’t speak a word against those criminals who attack the army with stones and grenades on a daily basis. She doesn’t speak a word against Pakistan but had went on record to say that India had no rights on Kashmir. She was the same person who said that 7 Lakh India army cannot stop Azadi Brigade for which she faced massive criticism.

This lady has built her own army in India who piggy bank on her statement and create fake news to suit their agenda. One of the biggest support she gets is from the so called fake news buster Alt News who dances to her tunes.

It is now being said that the Alt news headed by Pratik Sinha is being funded by none other than Arundhati Roy. This news was published in a newspaper sometime back. The Business Standard also confirmed this news saying the Alt news received unspecified funding from Zindabad Trust since the time it started its operation. This Zindabad Trust is managed by none other than Arundhati Roy. In a written reply, Roy confirmed she had donated to Alt News “because it is doing a wonderful job of trying to set the record straight and counter the propaganda masqueraded as news.”

Alt News which claims that they are independently working without any support or haven’t received any money should clear their stand and make their donation list transparent. It is a serious issue that Alt News is receiving money from someone who has openly backed terrorists, naxals and has sedition charge against her. This is exactly why, the fake news spread by Arundhati Roy against India is supported by Alt News defending her claims.

It is a matter of shame that these people live in India, take all benefits from our tax money and then speak against us and the country shamelessly. If in any other country, these people would have landed in jail for the hate they spread against the country, but unfortunately in India we have tolerated such people in the name of human rights activists nonsense.

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