The Story Of Saubhari Muni From Bhagavat Purana! What Do We Have To Learn From This Great Story?

Saubhari Muni was a great sage who used to do Sadhana in water. He gained more Yogic powers and became extremely powerful with this difficult meditation. Millions of time more powerful than any materialist today in his ability to fulfill his material desires. He had attained very great mystic powers. When one becomes very powerful spiritually or materially, the tendency is to become very proud and in pride the greatest danger is that we can offend saintly persons.

Saubhari Muni somehow offended the great devotee Garuda and although he was very respected for his very high position, if Krishna does not protect us then nobody can, no matter how great we are, however advanced spiritually we are, we cannot control our senses even from the grossest activities.

However, years later during his meditation, Saubhari Muni saw two fish mating in water and having seen this, his future plans changed. He planned to go back into the world and get married.

To fulfil his desire Saubhari Muni went to the palace and asked the king to marry one of his daughters to him. The king was in trouble now as he didn’t know which girl would like him as Saubhari Muni who was very old. Therefore the king asked Muni to go inside and choose any of his daughters to marry. The king thought that all his daughters would not accept marriage with this old man. But Saubhari Muni understood the king’s state. Thereby through yoga siddhi, he turned into a young and beautiful man and went inside and all of the 50 daughters got attracted to him. Thus Saubhari was married to all of the 50 daughters of the king.

He was given tremendous wealth, tremendous powers. By his mysticism, he was able to create beautiful kingdoms, wonderful facilities to enjoy, the extent that anyone could imagine, he was enjoying material life. But after a short time of doing like this, he realized that no matter in how many forms he expands himself, no matter how much wealth he creates by his mystic powers, no matter how beautiful these young girls are, he is frustrated and they were frustrated. He could understand what a great mistake he had made and he realized that this is because he had offended the great devotee of the Lord that he lost all his intelligence completely.

Well, what do we learn from Saubhari Muni’s story,

It is true that desire is something which affects even people who have achieved great  siddhis through control of the mind.The only way to control the mind once and for all is through surrendering totally to the ultimate reality of Lord with the knowledge that there is nothing here but the Lord alone.

The Lord is only present in the mind always and hence the mind is under the control of the thought of the Lord. All other means of control of the mind are temporary. Mind can be easily controlled initially by yoga sadhanas or prayanama or meditation, but this isn’t permanent control.

One has to constantly remember that there is only thing that we have to do and are supposed to do in the world and that is remembering the Lord at all times. Whatever be the action that we do, we have to remember the Lord. This alone is social service, this alone is real devotion, this alone is knowledge and this alone will lead us from the ocean of samsaara to realization of the ultimate reality of Lord.

The moment we forget the Lord, all siddhis and powers will be used for gratification of desires and sensual pleasures. Maya which is the illusory power of the Lord is so strong that makes us forget the Lord and it will bind even great devotees like Durvaasa and others.

Sharanya Alva


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