The tale of horrifying experience! Do you know what Rajiv Gandhi did after the story on his INS Viraat vacations was published

By revealing about Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s father Rajiv Gandhi vacation on INS Viraat, PM Modi has revealed unknown secrets of Gandhi family that how Gandhi family keeping the nation’s security at stake used the warship for their personal entertainment.

As they say one secret leads to another secret and thus many revelations. Same has happened in this case. Soon after reports emerged on how Nehru had used Indian Navy warships for vacationing. In June 1950, then PM Jawaharlal Nehru along with Indira Gandhi, young Rajiv and Sanjay Gandhi vacationed aboard INS Delhi, during their voyage to Indonesia.

The story of Rajiv Gandhi’s trip was extensively covered by two newspapers Indian Express and India Today. But as always Gandhi family has crushed the freedom of expression of those who speak against it. It has been revealed by Indian Express as what they had to undergo for publishing the story

An article written in Indian Express by Nirupama Subramanian has revealed how several raids were conducted on the premises of Indian Express. She narrated that at that time when Indian Express had published a cartoon strip on the vacation depicting Rajiv sitting under a coconut tree on an island in the Arabian Sea, saying: “Ah! To get away from it all!” and India responding with a sigh and a question: “When?”

Then Rajiv Gandhi and his government hit back at Indian Express. Months after the cartoon was published, Rajiv Gandhi tried to introduce the Anti Defamation Bill 1988 which was thwarted by the media collectively opposing the bill. Not only that she also talks about the horrifying experience of how raids were conducted

She writes, “For those of us present in the office that day, the manner in which hundreds of armed CRPF and Delhi police personnel took a position inside and outside the Delhi office seemed way out of proportion for a tax evasion raids”.

This is what Congress has been doing all the time. Of everyone those who have raised voice in front of Congress their voices are always suppressed in one or other way