The three masterstrokes that can gain BJP 300 seats in 2019 Lok Sbha elections, will BJP achieve it?

The 2014 Lok Sabha elections was a historic verdict which changed the discourse of the Nation. It showed that the dynastic politics of Gandhi family no longer had an impact on the Nation and the country was expecting a change.

Since then, the Congress faced massive blow in all elections and reduced itself to a regional party. The fear of existential crisis for Congress has made it to join hands with anyone and everyone in different states. Congress under Rahul Gandhi which has totally been a failure has no leader to match the charisma, ability and potential of PM Modi.  Therefore they crafted the idea of Mahaghat Bandhan to rescue themselves from getting washed out from politics. The opposition parties very well know that they cannot fight against BJP single-handedly and needs others support.

Their sole aim is to stop BJP from forming the government in 2019 even at the cost of selling the country to a foreign organisation. But the BJP which is being headed by Modi-Shah duo has proved their skills in winning elections, playing masterstroke since 4 years. Under them, BJP has grown as the largest party and winning more than 20 states.

PM Modi who is on a mission mode to make India the world leader and gain the tag of a developed country is in no mood to let go of the big opportunity he has. His big agenda is to win 2019 elections and see to that all his ambitious plans are implemented accordingly to take the country to new heights.

However, the task is not very easy as the opposition parties are planning to form Ghatbhandan for the upcoming 2019 elections to keep BJP out.

In order to gain massive confidence of people, BJP needs to really implement some of the masterstroke strategies which can be a game changer in Indian politics. It should be noted that BJP always gains when there is larger percentage voting. Unfortunately, the middle class, above middle class do not show as much enthusiasm in voting as the lower middle class, BPL sections show.  So, BJP needs to garner their votes in large numbers to raise the voting percentage. In 2014, the large voter turnout was the main reason why BJP gained huge.

So, this time too, they need to fill the same enthusiasm and confidence in people to make them vote for BJP.  There are three masterstrokes which can help BJP gain maximum benefit.

The BJP needs to galvanize the Hindu votes in large, show the working class that they are hunting down looters like Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi, punishing criminal and corrupt MLAs and MPs and display tough stance against terrorist, especially in Jammu Kashmir and prove their government has stopped terror activities in the valley.

Firstly,  if the government can get the Ayodhya dispute solved and facilitate the building of Ram Mandhir, the majority of the Hindu sections will vote en masse for BJP. This will be a moral victory of Indians over the foreign rule.

Secondly, the BJP government will have to get back Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi and make sure the looted amount in recovered. If they can achieve this, their words of punishing corrupts will be valued. The Government has already got permission to seize the properties of Vijay Mallya in UK which is a massive gain.

Thirdly, as Modi promised during 2014, the cases against corrupt MLAs and MPs will have to be brought to logical conclusion within a year and convicted politicians must be barred from contesting elections. The cases against Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, P Chidambaram must be fast-tracked and see to that corrupts are in jail. Just yesterday, the government transferred all the 7091 cases against politicians to fast-track courts.

Implementing president rule in JK and giving full powers to Indian army will make a big change in the valley. The terrorist launch pads and their supporters will have to be wiped off bringing peace in the JK.

If these things can be done in the next 7-8 months, it is for sure that Modi government will be back to power with 300 seats on their own.

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