The ‘travelling’ Prime Minister and how his ‘good friends’ snubbed Pakistan last week

India’s global presence has become stronger ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi came into power in 2014 general elections.

At one point, PM modi was also criticised to be in ‘airplane mode’ on his international trips. However, it has been said that in the first four years of Modi as PM, India’s bilateral ties with major economies have improved.

Modi’s international trips have always generated a buzz. In the first four years, the prime minister has travelled six continents: 36 foreign trips visiting 54 countries on diplomatic visits.

The country most frequented by PM Modi was the United States, where he made five visits including the UN General Assembly meeting in 2014.

Indo-US relations were tensed under the second UPA regime, but has certainly improved since the entry of Modi.

Defence, economic and political ties between India and the US have improved a lot since Modi. The two countries signed Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA), the defence agreement pending since 2004.

Pakistan remains a major policy discussion between the countries. Trump’s tough talk on Pakistan has aligned the US with India’s old frustration with the country.

Recently too when Pak wished for mediation from US on abragation of Article 370,US response towards Pakistan was cold.

Before 2014,US used to interfere with every matter related to national security to diplomatic ties with pakistan. Now with emergence of Modi, India’s image has been changed, and Indian government has proved its ability to solve problem on its own.

India’s relations with Middle Eastern countries have soared since Modi came to power. Summits with leaders of Israel, Jordan, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Palestine and Afghanistan were held.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and PM Modi showcased a fast friendship during the former’s visit to India in January 2018. Modi asked Israeli companies to take advantage of the “liberalized FDI regime to make more in India”. Moreover, Netanyahu had described Israel’s relations with India as a “marriage made in heaven”!

After making the first-ever visit to Israel by an Indian prime Minister , Modi has continued to seek advanced defense and water technology from Tel Aviv.

Late.Smt.Sushma Swaraj ji was the guest of honor at OIC meet. His highness crowned prince of UAE broke protocol and he himself arrived to receive modi at airport. He referred to PM Modi as ‘dear friend’ while awarding highest civilian honours of the land ‘Zayed Medal’.

And in present scenario, when Pakistan took article 370 matter to OIC the response was not against India. The diplomatic ties with Middle East has strengthened beyond what Pakistan can imagine.

Modi used a rare informal summit with China’s Xi in the city of Wuhan last year to patch up geopolitical tensions between New Delhi and Beijing following a military stand off in the Himalayas.

India’s tough stand not only exhibited our new found strength to the world. And it’s effect clearly reflected when Pakistan’s all weather friend China denied support to Pakistan on Kashmir and told its Foreign Minister Qureshi that both India and Pakistan are its “friendly neighbors”.

China also said it wants India and Pakistan to resolve the matter “properly and peacefully”.

Pakistan suffered a huge setback on the Kashmir issue after being rebuffed in all efforts to seek international intervention against India’s decision to revoke Article 370 and split Jammu & Kashmir into two Union Territories.

The biggest blow was the United Nations’ rejection of Pakistan’s appeal.

On Saturday, the Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry backed India, saying the abrogation of Article 370 and J&K’s bifurcation was “within the framework of the Indian Constitution”.

Those diplomatic foreign tours of PM Modi has started to show result when India took a tough stand to unify India by abolishing article 370.

Modi is a visionary, is he one of those rare politician whose vision  extends for years. Let’s have faith in our democracy and democratically elected leader

Dr Sindhu Prashanth