The unpleasant truth : BJP doesn’t love the Hindus, nor do they hate them !

Bharatiya Janata Party has taken the ‘Hindu’ votes for granted. And why not! BJP is the only Political Party that represents ‘Hinduism’ among all secular (Read Minority appeasement) parties. For the parties like Congress, SP, TMC, LDF, AAP, Hindus are non-entities and Only Muslims and Christians are living beings!  But unlike Muslim voters,“Hindutva’ is not the only notion that gets reciprocation from Hindus in India .With the unbeatable record of Scams, corruption and fraud of Congress Party, BJP becomes the natural choice of Indians as the least corrupt Party. Transparent and corruption-free working at the higher levels of NDA government cannot be questioned. Last and not the least, BJP has given us a visionary, hard-working and honest Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi! Yes, we Indians owe BJP for this!

But since Modi Government came into power, once again Hindus have become orphan! Modi Government has adapted secularism now.  Modi Government too has started looking at the Hindus comprising of 80% of total population of India as ‘non-entities’.  Modi government too has turned a blind eye towards the butchering of Hindus in the states like Kerala and west Bengal.  Hindus are left to their own miserable destiny in Modi’s India. Lacking the unity among all castes, creeds and sections of Hindus, they can’t even register their voice on Social Media with an impact!

Just recall the amount of attention paid by Paid Media and Vulture Politicos on the mob lynching of a Muslim man. Recall the non-stop ranting of presstitutes on the fake church attacks in Delhi just before the Delhi Legislative Assembly elections. Now, compare that to the coverage of hundreds of brutal killings of Hindu RSS and BJP members in the last six months mainly in Kerala and West Bengal. Well, comparing the non-existent coverage of Hindu attacks and killings with anything would be insane!

We Hindus are not complaining about media or secular parties ignoring Hindu deaths. We never expected Rahul Gandhi, Mamata Banerjee, Arvind Kejriwal or the paid journos like Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai etc  to show even a fake concern on Hindu murders. But we feel let down when even BJP chooses to look the other way over these brutal killings of Hindus.

Noted Dalit leader, Vice President of BJP , Kerala Dr P P Vava was attacked today by Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPI(M)) activists. Brutally injured in the attack, the leader lost his left eye. In yet another incident of political violence in Kannur, BJP worker Santosh was stabbed to death allegedly by  CPI(M)) activists at Andaloor in Dharmadam, the constituency of chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan. Two days back, An RSS leader was attacked and injured allegedly by CPI-M activists at Kankol in Payanoor in Kannur district. His condition is stated to be critical. Yesterday,a group of CPM  (Marxist)) activists armed with sticks allegedly attacked a group of RSS workers while they were attending meeting in Kerala’s northern district of Kannur. One RSS worker has been hospitalised following the attack. 

The barbarous attacks and murders on BJP/RSS workers listed out above have occurred from last three days! This sample news is provided here as listing all the killings of Hindus from last six months would be a massive job. Even the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on last Wednesday issued a notice to the Kerala Government over the attacks on workers of the BJP and RSS in that state. When will the Central Government respond to the cries of bleeding Party members? When will HMO Rajnath Singh think it appropriate to glance at the plights of BJP/RSS party activists?

In the USA, President Trump is on a fast track fulfilling his electoral promise of “Make Americans great again” by taking strongest actions of bans and bills. Right or wrong, he is sticking to his stand for which people of America got him elected. We Indians too have chosen PM Modi unanimously. Will PM Modi have a heart to break his silence on the butchering of Hindus in these Non-BJP states? As the most powerful person of India, would he use his powers to intervene on the brutalities of LDF, CPI(M) and TMC on Hindus?

If not PM Modi, who is the hope for us, Hindus?

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi