The Wire’s journalist Vinod Dua, who regularly spreads misinformation, is now accused of sexually harassing a woman and stalking her multiple times

After “The Wire’s” co-founder was accused of sexually harassing women, another notable figure in the corridor of seculars and liberals is accused of stalking and sexually harassing a woman, multiple times. This incident had taken place in the year 1989 where a newly graduate Nishtha Jain from Jamia Mass Communication Centre had to face Vinod Dua’s lewd sexual jokes during an interview session.

When she was giving her job interview to Vinod Dua, she explained that her salary expectation was Rs 5000 (in 1989) but aft hearing her salary expectation, Vinod Dua humiliated her by saying Tumhari aukat kya hai?”. This was Vinod Dua’s way of respecting women.

Nishtha could never forget this pathetic day as it was her birthday. She went home with teary eyes and days later she found a new job in Newstrack. What was shocking was that Vindo Dua somehow came to know about Nishtha’s new job and one day he came to her office at night after stalking and confirming that she was on her night shift that day.

After reaching Nishtha Jain’s office, he met her and asked her to sit in his car. She thought that he had come to apologize for his cheap behaviour. But as soon as she sat in his car, he began slobbering all over Nishtha’s face and the young lady was just shocked. And she managed to get out of the car somehow, that day.

The Wire’s Vinod Dua didn’t stop there as he went on to stalk her for the next few days. And today, this man is seen preaching about how to respect women. Unfortunately, none of the left leaning mainstream media are high lightening this issue.

Here is the full statement of Nishtha Jain where she exposed The Wire’s Vinod Dua:

It was June 1989. I still remember the day because it was my birthday. There was extended family at home and mom was preparing for a little celebration in the evening. I was a recent graduate from Jamia Mass Communication Centre. I put on my favourite saree and left home with a fair amount of confidence for a job interview with a famous TV personality who had had a very popular show called Janvani. He was starting a new gig. It was supposed to be a political satire and I was interested.

I was greeted with his typical sardonic smile. Before I could settle down he began telling a lewd sexual joke in that soft voice, barely opening his mouth. I don’t remember the joke but it wasn’t worth a laugh, just dirty. I felt hot in my face and I sat there most probably with an angry look. He explained the job and asked me what my expectations were and I quoted an amount that most graduates were getting at the time – 5,000 rupees. He looked at me and said, ‘Tumhari aukat kya hai?’ I dont know what had hit me. I was stunned.

What was this about? I had faced sexual harassment early in life but this sort of humiliation was a new experience. By the time I reached home I was in tears. My birthday was ruined. I did tell my brother and friends about it. Soon after, I got a job as a video editor in Newstrack. I don’t know how this man learnt about it. He had friends in my office who would inform him when I would be working late.

One night as I came down to the parking, he was there. He said, he wanted to talk to me and asked me to enter his car – a black SUV/Jeep, I don’t remember the make as I’m not into automobiles. Assuming that he wanted to apologise for his behaviour, I entered the car but before I could even settle down he began slobbering all over my face.

I managed to get out and get into my office car and leave. I spotted him again in the parking in the coming nights and would go right back and wait till someone was ready to leave along with me in the office car. After a few days he stopped stalking me. The man was Vinod Dua.

When I read about his outrage against Akshay Kumar’s sexist words to his daughter Malika Dua, I said to myself he’s obviously forgotten that he was no less sexist, no less misogynist, no less creepy a sexual harasser, potential rapist. If he did to me, I’m sure he would have done it to other women. Today, he does programmes explaining the world what constitutes sexual harassment. He should stop everything and look into his own shady past. I saw him on a thread which was expressing outrage the false accusations against Varun Grover. I could see what his mind was cooking up when stories against him spill out. I won’t be surprised if he denies. He’s always been an opportunist. Sorry, Malika Dua, your father is also one who belongs to the hall of shame. #MeToo.

After the Facebook post of Nishtha Jain had gone viral, she thanked everyone who supported her brave move to take on a darling of the liberals and seculars. She said “Thank you once again for supporting me, believing me. You did this last year and now again. When I wanted to out Vinod Dua last year before MeToo began I was advised by a friend that two would be too many. Too many for whom, I thought but desisted. Obviously, not for women who have to deal with creeps and potential rapists several times in a day. Too much for men, maybe? Because with each day the circle of men who are not predators becomes smaller and smaller”.

You can read the post of Nishtha Jain by clicking on the below link:

Nishtha Jain


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