The woman who got rape threats from Islamists says “I will campaign against Modi for 2019 elections”! But the Indians exposed her hypocrisy

Few months ago, when Ankit Saxena was killed in Delhi by his girlfriend’s family, few anti-social elements who didn’t respect the death of a Hindu youth floated a theory that he was murdered by the right-wingers. To everyone’s surprise, a hardcore anti-Hindutva activist Shehla Rashid urged the Muslim brothers and sisters not to believe in this fake theory.

But she had to pay the price for being truthful. She had to face rape threats from Islamist. Fearing the threats, she had even deleted her Facebook account. Shehla Rashid is even a student union leader of JNU, the college that was infamous for anti-national slogans

And now, she has taken an oath to campaign against the Narendra Modi government ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections!

The man who held the “World’s richest man” title for years, Bill Gates, had praised Aadhaar card and said that “The benefits of that (basic ID — Aadhaar) are very high”. He had even said, “Aadhaar in itself doesn’t pose any privacy issue because it’s just a bio ID verification scheme”.

But for Shehla Rashid, whose is from a college which is specialized in anti-national activities, thinks that Aadhaar is not safe. She said “I do not have an Aadhaar card as I believe it breaches your privacy. My viva got delayed but I did not get an Aadhaar number”.

Shehla Rashid didn’t utter a single word when data of Indians was stolen and misused by Rahul Gandhi along with Cambridge Analytica. She tried to spread lies saying “Under BJP government, Aadhar is being linked with every personal data. And in this dispensation, I did not get Aadhaar for myself and I am done with MPhil also. It is really a victory for me. My right is important to me”.

Here comes the statement that will boost the morale of JNU students, but of no use!

  • I am not battling or fighting to get ticket for elections, but honestly I am open to it. I will definitely campaign against Narendra Modi, which is my priority. The centre has completely failed. Farmers are committing suicides, no jobs for youth. All those promises have not been fulfilled

With this statement, she announced that she would be campaigning against the Narendra Modi government. She also began to spread fear among the minorities saying “I was depressed during the time I wrote this dissertion, because Yogi Adityanath had just become the Chief Minister. Lynchings were rife”.

This lady didn’t stop her hypocrisy and she continued her attack on the Modi government and his ministers. She said “Rajnath Singh means nothing for Kashmiris but a traffic jam. People are being put through unimaginable difficulties, that too during Ramzan”.

As she’s from JNU, she might have forgotten certain basic facts. The Home Minister of India doesn’t need anyone’s permission to travel anywhere within India.

Nowadays people abuse and attack PM Modi just to gain some attention!

  • Whole opposition is campaigning against PM Modi. Shehla Rashid also can surely claim her two minutes of attention and air time.

Story of every JNU student!

  • Madam first finish your studies, you are already very late in finishing your course. It’s the taxpayers money on which you are doing politics.

Can you answer Shehla Rashid?

Source:India Today

Hansika Raj